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Where's the Wiki for OtherDrops?

Why, it's right over here, but it's currently a WIP.

Can you update to version "x"? When will you update to version "x"? Is there an ETA?

As long as the current developer, ZariusT, or another developer continues to maintain the plugin there will always be an update on the way. However, there will never be any official or accurate ETAs or update time-frames because of Hofstadter's Law - even if the developer gives out an ETA himself (or herself if that's the case). Normally, developers give out ETAs as to when something will be updated so as to answer the question, but it will never be a good/accurate answer. We all mean well, but we're only human, and things get in the way of progress. Like real life, or video games.

Will OtherDrops work on future versions?

Yes, OtherDrops will work on future versions because most, if not all of the features offered, are "version-agnostic". That means these features do not use any code specific to a certain Minecraft or Bukkit version - thus they should work independently of version. Support for features introduced in newer versions, however, is a different story. Most likely, new features, including new blocks and creatures, will be supported, but new mechanics will not be supported by older versions of OtherDrops.

Isn't OtherDrops just about "drops", why so many triggers? Won't this make it bloated?

The vast majority of the code is required to support basic drops from blocks and/or mobs. Adding a new trigger (eg. PlayerJoin) takes very little code (around 20 lines) and OtherDrops doesn't even listen to the event unless you specifically add a config using that trigger.

On the other hand adding these new triggers opens up a vast array of new possibilities, eg. messages, lightning, fire, etc. when the player joins; controlling mobspawns; triggering drops & spawns with redstone; etc.

Can I modify drops caused by water (eg. torches, crops)

Not currently, the water flow event can be tricky to deal with. Experiments have decimated chunks of land, so not quite ready yet.

Can I disable trample damage to crops?

Not currently via OtherDrops - perhaps try WorldGuard settings:

disable-creature-trampling: true
disable-player-trampling: true


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