help/Tutorial/getting-started/Configure the config.yml

Configure the config.yml

Step 1 - Locate the config.yml

You can find it in /plugins/MyHungerGames/config.yml

Step 2 - Download Notepad++ [Optional]

This is a way better code editor than Notepad. It's recommended to download it if you have Windows.

Go to and download the latest version.

Step 3 - Open the config.yml

Open the config.yml with Notepad++ (or Notepad) if you have Windows, or use TextEdit if you have Mac.

If you are using Linux you already know how to do it.

Step 4 - Configure the config.yml

Each option has a description and the default setting. Configure it to your needs.

Setting Default settingDescription
default-game:'Default'Choose the game a player will join if he just type /hg join
update-delay:30In minutes, the number of time to wait between update checks for MyHungerGames
do-update-check:trueChoose if MyHungerGames should look for updates or not
webstats-ip: ip for webstats
auto-join:falseWhether players should automatically join the game when there is an available spot in a game
use-match-material:trueWith this false, you cannot use item names, but you can use custom blocks
default-time:10Countdown time for the game to start
min-vote:5Number of players required to use /hg vote to auto-start
allow-join-during-game:falseIf players can join a game while it is running
min-players:2Number of players required to start at all
allow-rejoin:trueIf a player can rejoin a game. If false, players will lose all lives on leave. If true, lives are carried over to any rejoins
winner-keeps-items:trueIf a winner keeps his items after the game is over
lives:1Number of lives a player has. 0 is unlimited lifes
require-inv-clear:falseWhether players should have a clear inventory before joining
clear-inv:trueWhether to save and clear a players inventory on join. If false people start with their inventory
all-vote:falseRequire everyone that has joined the game to vote before the game is auto-starterd
auto-vote:falseWhen a player joins a game, they automatically vote, if true
use-command:falseWhether players can use commands in game. Does not disallow HungerGames commands
special-commands:[]Choose commands that can excluded by use-command ex. [time, weather]
can-teleport:falseWhether players can teleport in game. (/warp etc.)
auto-add:trueAdd chest and fill a chest that is opened for the first time in game
force-survival:trueWhether to force a player's gamemode into survival when joining
freeze-players:trueWhether to freeze players position when they join a game
force-damage:falseWhether to force damage done to a player, regardless if another plugin has cancelled it. Can be used to stop plugins like Factions from cancelling player damage.
can-place-block:falseIf false, players only can place blocks specified in special-blocks-place
can-break-block:falseIf false, players only can place blocks specified in special-blocks-break
can-interact-block:falseIf false, players only can interact with blocks specified in special-blocks-interact
special-blocks-place:[]Put the block id's you want in like this: [1], [1, 10, 28]
special-blocks-break:[]Put the block id's you want in like this: [1], [1, 10, 28]
special-blocks-interact:[]Put the block id's you want in like this: [1], [1, 10, 28]
reset-changes:trueWhether block changes done by a player, should be reset after a game ends or not
force-internal:falseIf the arena should be forced reset after a game, this ignores fixed chests, and random loot. RECOMMENDED
isolate-player-chat:trueIf you want to use chat-distance or not
chat-distance:15The amount in blocks people can see other people's chat
allow-minimal-messages:trueIf true, players who haven't done "/hg subscribe" won't see most messages
remove-items:trueWhether to remove items on the ground when a game ends
spectator-sponsor-period:0This is the amount of time, in seconds, before spectators can sponsor a random item for free. Restarts once reaches time. This is rounded up to the nearest half-minute mark
death-cannon:1If 1, a cannon sound will be played every death. If 2, a cannon sound will be played only on the last death. Any other number will turn it off
auto-join-allowed:trueThis is to check if the game allows players to auto-join. Only matters if auto-join is true
max-game-duration:0In seconds, the maximum amount of time a game can last. 0 is forever
use-spawn:trueIf this is false, players are automatically sent back to where they were before they joined when a game ends. If this is true and no spawn is set, it defaults to the player's back location
grace-period:0This is time in seconds from the start of the game that players cannot be hurt. Can have decimals
timeout:300Time in seconds that players have to move or chat before they get kicked. Value 0 does not use a timeout
take-life-on-leave:trueIf true, when a player leaves a game (with /hg quit), the player will drop his inventory and xp
start-timer:0Amount of time in seconds the game will force start if min-players, have been archived
stop-targetting:trueStop mobs from targeting you when you are playing
hide-players:trueWhether player's names should be hidden. (Will do so everyone appears sneaking)
show-death-messages:1If 1, a message will be shown every death. If 2, a message will be shown only on the last death
lightning-on-players-count:3Have lightning strinke a near a player every X seconds if there are a certain number of players left (Set to 0 to turn it off)
lightning-on-players-delay:10Delay between lightning strikes in seconds
use-scoreboard:trueWhether to use bukkit scoreboard. (It's the small leader-board in the right side of the screen)
allow-teams:trueWhether to allow teams
allow-friendly-damage:falseWhether people in the same team can hurt each other

Step 5 - Save the config.yml

After editing the config to your needs, save it.

Step 6 - Reload the config.yml

After saving the config, type the command:

/hga reload