help/Tutorial/getting-started/Configure the lang.yml

Configure the lang.yml

Step 1 - Locate the lang.yml

You can find it in /plugins/MyHungerGames/lang.yml

Step 2 - Download Notepad++ [Optional]

This is a way better code editor than Notepad. It's recommended to download it if you have Windows.

Go to and download the latest version.

Step 3 - Open the lang.yml

Open the config.yml with Notepad++ (or Notepad) if you have Windows, or use TextEdit if you have Mac.

If you are using Linux you already know how to do it.

Step 4 - Configure the lang.yml

Simply edit the file to your needs. Remember that the names have to match the ones in the config.yml to work properly.

Step 5 - Save the lang.yml

After editing the config to your needs, save it.

Step 6 - Reload the lang.yml

After saving the config, type the command:

/hga reload