help/old-tutorial/Join-Signs,Game-Signs, and Info Walls

This is a part of the old tutorial. You better check the new and updated tutorial.

So you want a lobby? Two lobbies? Five? What about just a stats wall? Or maybe just a sign to join the game? Well, join signs, game signs, and info walls each offer choices for these. And guess what? You can have AS MANY AS YOU WANT!

Joins signs offer a single sign that allows players to click to join a game. NOTE: this is the same as if the player typed /hg join <game> To set one up:

1) Place a sign
2) Do /hga add joinsign <game name>
3) Click sign

After it is set up, it will display:

Click the sign
to join
<game name>

Game signs can be set up to show a player basic info about a GAME (not individual player stats)

1) Place a sign
2) Do /hga add gamesign <game name>
3) Click sign

A game sign will display: If a game is disabled:

<game name>

If the game is paused:

<game name>
In-game:<remaining players>

If the game is stopped:

<game name>
Ready:<ready players>
Available:<available slots>

If the game is running:

<game name>
Remaining:<remaining players>

Info Walls
Info walls can give individual player stats