help/old-tutorial/How to set up MyHungerGames

This is a part of the old tutorial. You better check the new and updated tutorial.

So, you've downloaded MyHungerGames. Now what? I'll take you through a step-by-step process to set it up.

1) Take your MyHungerGames.jar in put it in /plugins.

2) Start then stop your server

3) Go to /plugins/MyHungerGames. You should see 7 files:
config.yml, itemconfig.yml, games.yml, lang.yml, lobbysigns.yml, myhungergames.log, and signs.yml.

The only three that you should ever have to edit are:
config.yml, itemconfig.yml, and lang.yml.
Don't do that yet. The rest are automatically generated.

4) Now, make sure you have giver yourself sufficient perms to use all commands. Click here.

5) Start the server and log in

6) Pick an area to have your game(s). This can be a full world, part of a world, multiple worlds, or mix and matched.

7) Do /hga add game <game name>
a) If you want to get a little more advanced and have per-game settings you use setups to do this (I'll talk about this later)

8 ) Now, you have a game, but you need to add spawnpoints. You can do this by /hga add spawnpoint <game name>. Click each spawnpoint that you want to add then right click when you're done.

9) Next, you can create a spawn for players to go to after they die/quit. To set it do /hga set spawn <game name>

10) If you want changes to the arena to reset after each game or items to be removed off the ground, add all the worlds to be used with /hga add world <game name> [world] or all cuboids with /hga add cuboid <game name>

11) Stop the server

12) Now, you can add chest-loot or fixed-chests. Go to the itemconfig.yml and open it. Add all the items to the chest loot that you want (examples are given in the file). I will talk about fixed-chests later.

13) Now, go to the config.yml and change settings how you want them.

14) Finally, you should be ready to start the server. Have players do /hg join to join a game and /hg vote to vote that they are ready.


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