MyHungerGames 1.2 Changes

Okay everyone, MyHungerGames 1.2 is going to change A LOT. I've created this page to notify everybody of changes as well as receive feedback as it's in development. Any item that has a "?" next to it is up for discussion at the moment. You can ask questions or give comments in the comments section below. Any item with a "%" may or may not make it into 1.2 but are planned.

  • - Optional Arenas: Each game will have the option to add multiple arenas to the game. By default, everything added will be part of a "default" arena for each game, with little to no visual changes. However, in the code, a lot will change. Parts of the plugin that used to be related only to a game will now be part of an arena. This has multiple advantages: you can have multiple arenas per game with possible map voting; you can share arenas between games; more optional features can be added without bulking up the game part of the code.
  • - Removal of pausing, leaving, and rejoining: These options have been a part of MyHungerGames for a LONG time, but I'm not entirely sure they work, and they cause messy code and most likely bugs. For 1.2, I will remove these. They may or may not be added back in a future release.
  • - Removal of online-server deleting of games: Deleting games while a server is running is not a good idea. It can create memory leaks and introduce bugs. Therefore, it will be removed. I may make an option to queue delete for when the server is shutting down, thus not making server admins edit the config.
  • - More optional dependencies: I plan to add support for worldedit selections. I may add more; I'll update you if I do.
  • %- Itemconfig changes: For the 1.0 release, the itemconfig.yml layout changed quite a bit. While the layout adds the possibility of ItemMeta (lore, enchantments, book writing, etc.) it is bulky and confusing. I plan to design a hybrid between the new layout and the old layout that allows a ton of potential while staying concise and easy to understand.
  • %- Other itemconfig changes: I plan to add in-game commands to make adding items to the itemconfig.yml easier, quicker, and more intuitive. Details to come later.
  • %- Changes to chests: Right now, chest resetting and randomizing is confusing. I plan to design a system that allows you to easily define what chest does what and how. With this, fixed chests will probably be removed.
  • - Changes to the way locations are handled. No longer will you get a "<world> is not a valid world" message. To conform to Bukkit's standards that a world can be loaded and unloaded at will, everything that involves a world will be dynamically used. If the world is available when needed, it will be used, otherwise, it will not be used. NOTE: this may cause some unintended side-effects for misconfigured configs or deleted worlds, but will otherwise be more efficient for servers and not require any more dependencies.


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