help/Tutorial/play-the-hunger-games/Controlling the games

Controlling the games

Step 1 - Kick a player [Optional]

Is there a hacker in the game? You can quickly kick a player from the game if you type:

/hga kick <player>

Where <player> is ofc. the name of the player you want to kick.

Step 2 - Kill a player [Optional]

Someone cheats? You can kill a player like this:

/hga kill <player>

Step 3 - Restock a game's chest [Optional]

Simply type:

/hga restock [game name]

Step 3 - Pause the game [Optional]

This is the command:

/hga pause [game name]

And to resume the game:

/hga resume [game name]

Step 5 - Stop the game [Optional]

Another simple command:

/hga stop [game name]