Frequently Asked Questions

  • What this plugin can do?

Are you lazy? It is written on the main page, let's read it!

  • What are addons and what they do?

Addons are subplugins of this plugin. They contain tons of new content which works well with the core plugin. There is a page which contains all the things about addons, you can find it here. To check the full list of available addons check the page of them.

  • Will you be my friend?

I prefer darkish, intelligent people as goths and some of emos, but I get on with anyone well, who can code, or we can switch some philosophical ideas. Yeah, I'm not really an ordinary kind of man, and rather a weirdo, but hey, you should be one too.
As a quote says: "I'm crazy. But in a good way."

  • I don't understand how a part of the plugin works. What should I do?

First of all, check the pages written by me on the "Pages" section, and try to find your answer there. If you can't find any details on the subject, you can leave a comment below the main page, or you can write a private message to me about it.

  • Can I help the development?

I do develop this plugin alone myself, and I don't have any experience of sharing the work with others. Also, I like to handle all the code myself, so I can only blame myself is something goes wrong : ) You can support me however, by donating or translating the pages I write to any of your languages. I write them in english and hungarian, if you can translate any of them to another language I am glad to hear it.


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