Clever Command

Clevercommand provides commands with feedback, return values, and a lot of utils. The core plugin provides detailed teleport, broadcast and kill commands. With using its addons you are available to code scripts ingame efficiently, apply commands or scripts to blocks, creating machine blocks, showing chest-inventory based GUI-s.

Clever Command

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Version: 0.8.9
Last update: AddOn Update
Next update: <unnamed>





The plugins is a powerful one, as for its usage opportunities and for its flexible code and addon system. First of all, this plugin provides a whole new way of making automatized stuff ingame. Its commands are clever and capable for many different types of arguments. As they finished their work they also return a value. The type of the value can be changed for the needs of the user. For example, the new teleport command (/cc tp) can teleport player, mobs, dropped items from a region onto a warp, or to one of the homes of a player. After the teleportation it returns a value, like the count of entities teleported, the list of their names, or even the list of this entities themselves. These returned values can be used in other commands as requirements to execute, or they can have greater purpose in the addons for making scripts, especially in the ScriptEngine and the BlockScripts plugin, but the ingame variables (which do store the returned values) are available for any addon or any plugin indeed.

So this plugin basically offers detailed commands for special teleportation, broadcast and kill exercises. This 3 command can be used in so many different places, in arenas and for events. The returned values from commands can be used to control the events, like counting the players (/cc count) in a region. Using this number you can decide to either teleport them or leave them there and tell them they need more members for the event. Of course, this requirement controlled commands are usually not to help the staff online, but automatized commands like in commandblocks, or code lines written in ServerSigns plugin .. or in more compelex scripts, like in a ScriptBlock (BlockScripts addon).

All the things mentioned are mainly in the core plugin. But using the addons the possibilities are infinite. Are you a programmer (or ingame command coder)? You will really like the ScriptEngine and BlockScripts plugin! It can be interesting for you even if you just mess around with commandblocks. Just give a look at it. Want to have custom items? What about check items which do store money? Script items? A special sword with a magical power? What if you like blocks instead... making machines? You like machines? Machines are cool... what about block which ticks redstone signal... or a block which makes a XOR gate itself in one block size? Sound cool to me. Hmmh what more... I plan a Library addon. Ever thought the bookshelves should be used to store books? For what other reason you have bookshelves, yea?! With the Library addon you can do that. The CleverCommand plugin provides interfaces and apis for hard stuff made easy, and the addons follow this guideline too. If you want to write a plugin, may you should try to write a CC addon instead! Check what CleverCommand can offer for developers {no page for that yet}.

Working Features

  • Handle variables ingame:
    • String (text)
    • Number
    • Double (fraction)
    • Location
  • Use variables in commands!
  • Serverside WorldEdit - comes in next update
  • Player Click Simulation
  • Region, location using in commands
  • Click simulation - levers too!

Planned Features

  • Variable lists
  • Set variable/variable-list properties
  • Custom Command Bank

Articles and Pages

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the FAQ Page to check the most frequently asked questions.

Report a bug

It's possible that you meet a bug in the plugin while you use it, but this plugin is still in development stage. Maybe, if you report a bug it's fixed already, and in the next update you won't meet it again.


If you have any idea for my plugin I will be happy to hear it. I always develop this plugin and fill it with new features.


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