Main command: /clevercommand
Shortened: /ccommand, /cc


Commandpurpose/parameterscan return
helplist commands@, M
broadcastsends message to the target entity/zone
+ #<region-tag>
+ #from:<location> #to:<location>
+ <player-name>
#, EL
teleportteleport players/mobs/entities to other location
> #to:<location-tag>
\ #from:<region-tag>
\ <player-name>
#, E, EL, T, TL
killkills the specified entities
\ r:<radius>
^ at:<location>
\ type:<type>
+ -nodrop
+ -items
+ -frames
#, EL, TL
testcc plugin or addon testsanything
varvariable menu@, M
var existschecks if a variable exists
> <variable-name>
variableslists the current variablesTL
setvarmodifies/declares a variable
> <variable-name>
\ <parseable-value>
\ @<cc command>
idk yet
readvarreads the value of a variable
> <variable-name>
anything, notfound=@
delvarremoved a variable with its value
> <variable-name>
addonslists the loaded addons@
addonfurther informations about an addon
> <addon-name>
enableenables an addon
> <addon-name>
disabledisables an addon
> <addon-name>
updateslook up the available updates@
searchupdatesdownloads the update news@
autoupdateupdates all loaded addons and downloads available hooks@

return signs: @ null/nothing, ? Boolean, # Number, Entity, Menu, Text, List

Parameters: >necessary +optional \either ^optional & requires the one below it



Help <sub>?</sub>

Used to gather information in various topics. To show the main help page simply type the base command: /cc help, or the shortened form: /cc ?. It will show the core pages, but not all of the registered ones. The remaining pages are connected to at least one of the core pages, so they are mentioned in one of the core help pages, or a sub-page. The page names are regexed, which means, they are very flexible, not case-sensitive, and usually accepts all forms of the title, with and without spaces, and logically shortened forms. So do not stress on the exact title, you must type something similar, and there you go. Being warned, that letters must match; even if the title is regexed, it won't accept titles with additional random characters, or letters missing.

Usage: /cc help [page]
Aliases: /cc ? [page]


Broadcast <sub>bc</sub>

Shows text to the targets without any pre- or suffix. Messages can be formatted/colored and the message length is not limited in any ways.

Usage: /cc broadcast [target-tags] <message>
Aliases: /cc bc <...>


Remember; using target tags is limitation to the targets, not addition. If you use no target-tags all available targets will receive the message, meanwhile you use tags the target set will be limited. The tags are, however, calculated as their unio, so if you sign to players with #p tag, they will both receive the message, which means, that each target is required to pass at least one of the target-tags, and not all of them.

It worth to mention, that no tags can include spaces.

Silent broadcast:

The command returns a state information about how many targets received your message. If you want to hide that notify use a '-' sign after the cc command like that:

/cc broadcast- <...>

Can be used with shortened form: /cc bc-

Advanced target-tags:

In the future I will add advanced target-tags, which do force the targets to pass them. It means, that if you add a forced region-tag limitation to the target set each target must pass it, even if other tags are beside this one. Which means, that forced tags do permanently limit the targets whatever the other tags like.

Usage: put a '!' sign after the '#' tag symbol like that:

/cc bc #!rg:myArena #rg:myZone &aHi!

This results, that the first tag is stronger, it is required to pass for each target, meanwhile the second one is only optional. Based on that, we can say, that all players from myArena region will pass. The ones in myZone will only receive the message, if they also passed the required first tag; which means they are in the myArena region too. In the end, we see, that the second tag is unnecessary and has no effect on who will receive the message. But..! Let's see another example:

/cc bc #!rg:myArena #!rg:myZone &aHi!

Now both the tags are forced and required to pass by each target. In this case, the interested targets will be in the intersection of the two zones, because:

  • each player must be in myArena region
  • each player must be in myZone region

So summarized: each player must be in both regions. If a player is only in each of these, and not in the other, that means she does not pass one of the required tags. If the player is outside both regions will pass neither of the requirements, so will not receive the message.

It's planned, that you can use 'unclude' tags, to prohibit targets from receiving the message. If you use only substracter tags, then the base set will be all players, as it happens if you do not use any tags. If you use any other tags, like simple include or forced tags then they will calculate the target players, then the subtract tags will remove the ones not needed. Subtract tags can be forced too, which is good if you want not to send the message to an intersection of two arenas:

/cc bc #rg:myArena #-p:Gazsi55 #!-rg:myZone

Let's see, what happens: the first tag removes all the players from the target set, who is not inside the myArena region. The second removes Gazsi55 anyways. The third removes all players from the targets, who are inside the myZone region. All the remaining players will receive the message. If the second tag would be forced (#-p:Gazsi55, then each.. <to be continued>


Teleport <sub>tp, move</sub>

Moves entities to given location(s). This teleport command is like the any other: needs target to move, and destination. But meanwhile anyone knows what teleport means and used it countless times playing mincraft, this command is still able to show new. It can be used super simply to move someone to somewhere, or complicating the situation a little bit: move entities of a type from given regions to a warp. Seems hard to do? You will see, it isn't that hard, just using some tags as in the case of broadcast command, and there you go.

Usage: /cc teleport
Aliases: tp, move

Source tags:


Destination tags:


Kill <sub>eliminate</sub>

Kills the targets signed.

<player-name>signs a playerGazsi55
r:<radius>defines a radiusr:10.5
in:region-tagsigns a regionin:rg:myregion
at:location-tagrequires radius tagat:world:30.5,120,10.9 r:5.0

Location tags

  • <x,y,z>
  • <world-name:x,y,z>
  • player:<player-name>
  • warp:<warp-name>
  • home:player:<home-name>

The dimmed < and > signs are not part of the tag and should not be written when used.

Region tags

  • <x<sub>1</sub>,y<sub>1</sub>,z<sub>1</sub>,x<sub>2</sub>,y<sub>2</sub>,z<sub>2</sub>>
  • <worldname:x<sub>1</sub>,y<sub>1</sub>,z<sub>1</sub>,x<sub>2</sub>,y<sub>2</sub>,z<sub>2</sub>>
  • region:<region-name>


The dimmed < and > signs are not part of the tag and should not be written when used.


I hope you guys understand all things you are reading about, I tried to be as clean as possible. But if it does not happen to be, you can ask for additional clarifications and/or descriptions. If you think you could write a better description of something I won't feel myself offended, if you send me your text. I will read it, and maybe after some modification I will edit this page depend on it.

I wish you the bests for using my clever commands, have a nice day! :)


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