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This addon provides the ability to program ingame. You can create script objects, just like powertooled items, but in this case the lines as showed, and you can create as many script items as you want (the item stores the information, not the plugin, so if you remove and readd the plugin the scripts will be still working). These scripts can have delays, loop cycles, and such things, check its site [not yet] here.

Download: <not yet given a link>


Places commands onto the blocks, so if someone clicks the block the commands will be runned. These commands will be expanded with custom block-specific commands, like interruption of execution, getting the position of the clicked block and like that. All the features of ScriptEngine scripts are available on blocks too.

Dependency: ScriptEngine
Download: alpha 0.9 no dependency needed for 0.9


With the help of contentmod you can create new items. However, you cannot implements new icons or thumbnail to them and you must use the icon of the bukkit/native items. The items are still have the id of the bukkit item, but the addons takes care about their crafting and behaviour.

Download: <not yet given a link>


This addon contains many paper stuff in colorful topics, just like codexes do. It provides the ability for players to create checks, contracts, and the the feature to copy these paperworks. Depend on what paper you want to copy it influences the copy time (if you have rights to copy that thing). While the copy process you should not move, otherway the copying will be interrupted.

Dependency: ContentMod
Download: <not yet given a link>


As you can guess, this plugin is about machines. Provides the blocks the ability to have other behaviour than before. Using the features of the ContentMod you can create mechanic or redstone input handler machines, which based on their programs can act as a special piston or even handle redstone input from multiple directions and process them specially. This way you can create one-block-side XOR machine and the likes.

Dependency: ContentMod
Download: <not yet given a link>

Inbuilt addons


This addon simulates players, making clevercommand available to run foreign commands silently or from the serverside, which would not be able by default (for example in case of world edit). Also contains commands of remote control, like switching a lever on a location from the distance.

Download: <built in the plugin>


Using the simulator addon makes people able to use worldedit serverside and silently. This makes a big help, when players are given the avaibility to change the specific part of the map (opening doors/gates etc.) by pressing buttons in an area or stepping on pressure plates. With this feature their chat won't be spammed by the wellknown pink worldedit response text.

Download: <built in the plugin>

Hooks to other plugins


Hooks the CleverCommand plugin to the ZureZones plugin. Via this hook the zones and locations of the Zure will be available for use in this plugin. For example you can use zure zones in teleport commands:

/cc tp #from:#zure:MyHouse #to:#warp:jail

The ZureZones plugin is able to create abstract shaped zones like balls, pyramids, or more complex zones described by 3-dimensional set formulas.

Dependency: ZureZones
Download: <not yet given a link>

other inbuild stuff

There are other soft-depend stuff inbuilt, like the [[worldguard:main|WorldGuard]] region and iZone zone support.
Also, the widely used [[essentials:main|Essentials]] is also supported for locations, like using warps and player homes in commands.


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