Addon Making/Lesson 1 - Introduction

Addons are expansions for the CleverCommand plugin. As plugins do with bukkit server they are also make a main part of the core plugin. They aren't just small things in the background, nope, addons can change the world, as plugins do! They aren't any less powerful tools for making dreams come true.

Hmmh getting back to the ground... they are small programs, which have access to the CleverCommand Interfaces and API-s, which can be efficiently used to speed up the development time of your addon. This contains database handling for blocks, entity groupping, an universal region handler system to connect any region handler plugin which has its addon-hook installed. As these addon-hooks get working the basic commands get easy access to their stuff. For example there is the WorldGuard hook inbuilt the plugin, but it still handled as an addon. Unless it, CleverCommand wouldn't be able to work with the data of regions. All the region stuff is offered by this (really a small) (hook) addon. In this way, simle hooks can be also powerful tools of development. But back to individual addons, they aren't limited in any way. Because of this, it's a little bit hard to talk about them, since they can do anything basically without bounds.

As mentioned before, the stucture of addons are similar to how bukkit handles plugins. Every addon should contain a "plugin.yml" file (later "addon.yml"), which provides similar informations as bukkit's plugin.yml do. Main class, name and dependency. But no commands, and no permissions. These stuff are required to be made in the addon, but do not afraid, there are premade APIs which allow you to add and remove bukkit commands runtime, and set your permission system.

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