The plugin includes 6 kinds of special signs.

  • Shop Sign
  • Mystery sign
  • Spawn Control Sign
  • Highscore sign
  • Toll sign
  • Join/Leave sign

Shop Sign :

This sign is used to buy items with the money earned with the game.

Item name is the Bukkit’s Material name.

The bold words should not be modified, there are tag that the plugin recognizes to detect what is a special sign or not.

Replace "price" by a number (you can add the currency, space, comma or whatever) , it must be on the last line.

if the item name is : "itemName"

  1. Buy
  2. itemName
  3. price

or if the item name is "item_name"

  1. Buy
  2. item
  3. name
  4. price

If you want to sell more than 1 item at a time, if you want to sell items with enchantment, or items with subid etc... Please refer to the Configuration/Package page

Mystery sign

  1. Mystery
  2. Mystery package name

Please refer to the Configuration/Mystery page

Spawn Control Sign (redstone current = active):

This sign can activate or deactivate a zombie spawn, while there is current in the redstone wire linked to it, the spawn is activated.

  1. Zombie Spawner
  2. Spawn name

Spawn Control Sign (switch, current = turn it ON or OFF):

This sign can activate or desactivate a zombie spawn, if the sign receives current the spawn is activate/desactivate depending on the third is set to ON or OFF.

  1. Spawn's Switch
  2. Spawn name
  3. ON

Highscore Sign (Names) :

This sign display the 3 top zombies killer

  1. Top Names

Highscore Sign (Points) :

This sign display points the 3 top zombies killer

  1. Top Points

Toll sign :

If this sign is placed beside a button/lever/door/pressure plate it will require the player to pay in order to use the button. You can put what you want on the others lines so that the sign mean something (like "Pay 50$ for cross the door")

  1. Pay
  2. Price

This force the player to pay once. If you want them to pay each time add a third line :

  1. Pay
  2. Price
  3. for each

Join sign

A join sign allow players to join a game by right clicking the sign instead of doing /tribu enter In addition the join sign will display some informations about the game, so you cannot put what you want on it.

  1. Join

Leave sign

Just like the join sign but to leave a game. You can put what you want in other lines

  1. Leave


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