Here is the list of available commands:

Player commands

Permissions "tribu.use"

  • /tribu enter join the game (permission "tribu.use.enter")
  • /tribu leave leave the game (permission "tribu.use.leave")
  • /tribu stats display the points of players (permission "tribu.use.stats")
  • /tribu vote <1|2> When asking to vote for level 1 or level 2 (permission "")

Ops commands

I won't repeat it everytime, the permission is "tribu.aaaa.bbbb" aaaa being the section and bbbb being the command for example "/tribu start" is inside "" so the permission is ""


  • /tribu start Start the level already loaded
  • /tribu start level_name Start the specified level
  • /tribu stop Stop the level (and prevent auto-start), cancel all votes

Permission tribu.plugin

  • /tribu reload Reload the config

Permission tribu.level

  • /tribu create level_name Create a new level
  • /tribu load level_name Load a level (for editing or start a new game)
  • /tribu list List available levels
  • /dspawn Change the death spawn (permission tribu.level.dspawn)
  • /dspawn jump Teleport you to the death spawn (permission tribu.level.dspawn)
  • /ispawn Change the initial spawn (permission tribu.level.ispawn)
  • /ispawn jump Teleport you to the initial spawn (permission tribu.level.ispawn)
  • /zspawn set spawn name Create a new zombie spawn (Permission tribu.level.zspawn)
  • /zspawn list List zombies spawn available (Permission tribu.level.zspawn)
  • /zspawn remove spawn name Remove a zombie spawn (Permission tribu.level.zspawn)
  • /zspawn jump spawn name Teleport you to a zombie spawn (Permission tribu.level.zspawn)
  • /tribu package or /tribu pck Please refer to the Configuration/Package page
  • /tribu unload Barely used, this unload a level preventing starting it or editing it
  • /tribu save Barely used, the level is saved each time it starts


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