Level creation

Level creation


Zspawn : Zombie spawn

This is a spawn of zombie. Each spawn have a name. This name can be used to control the spawn with a sign or just to delete it.

Ispawn : Initial spawn

This is where level start. This is also used to teleport back player at end of a game, teleport back players who dies at round start or teleport back all playing players at round start if you set TeleportPlayers: true

Dspawn : Death spawn

This is where players go when they die, this is also the jail if you set Level.Jail: true


  • /tribu create NAME
  • /zspawn set NAME
  • /zspawn del NAME
  • /ispawn
  • /dspawn

You can also use /Xspawn jump to get teleported to a spawn (replace X by z/i/d)

Making a level

First go where you want. Then do "/tribu create LevelName" to create your level. By default dspawn and ispawn are set here but you may want to set it (at least dspawn) somewhere else. So, go to your jail/death spawn and do "/dspawn". You can set your initial spawn somewhere else by doing simply "/ispawn".

Then, go where you want zombie spawn and do "/zspawn set Name" the name can be what you want even a number if you want. You can set as many zombie spawns as you want, there is no limit. Also, it's invisible so don't expect a Spawner block to appear.

When you're done type "/tribu save" to save the level. You can now play Tribu ;-)


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