Language files customization

Localization system

Tribu has a localization system that let you choose every sentences the plugin can send.

There is a folder named "languages" in the plugin's directory. You can choose in the configuration file what language to load.

You can customize what the plugin say by creating another file "custom.yml" (or what you want). Then, if your default language is english, put "Default: english". That way, if a sentence is not found in your file, the plugin will try looking up into the default language. This way, you can change only the desired sentences without copy/paste the whole content of your default language.

There is 6 categories for sentences in this file, "Sign","Message","Info","Warning","Severe", "Prefix".

"Info","Warning","Severe" are categories containing only what is send to the console, so you don't have to bother a lot with it. "Prefix" are prefixes to put before a message "Sign" contains special signs tag, and "Message" all messages that the plugin send to a player.

If you want to change the special sign tag "Spawn's switch" by "Toggle spawn" and the default message "Zombie mode enabled!" by "Let's kill that f*ckin zombies!" you can do this by putting the following into a "custom.yml" file :

Author: You
Default: English 
        ToggleSpawner: "Toggle spawn"
        ZombieModeEnabled: "Let's kill that f*ckin zombies!"


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