Intro: Cost can be in the form of money, or exp.

For MONEY simply put a dollar sign in front of the number (e.g. $17)
- If you would like to have [b]NEGATIVE[/b] money, put the minus sign after the $ (e.g. $-17)
- If something is [b]FREE[/b], simply have the cost $0

EXPERIENCE comes in two forms, exp and lvl
- To charge 10 exp, have the cost "10 exp"
- To charge 7 levels of EXP have the cost "10 lvl"
- To have negative exp simply put a "-" in front of the cost (e.g -5 lvl)
- To have no cost, simply use a 0 as your number (e.g. 0 exp)

Temporary buyables

To make (for example) a [Promote] sign give you a rank for a certain amount of time, put a time as one of the requirements.
- 1 day
- 5 minutes
- 6 weeks
- 18 seconds

Group requirements

Simply use the name of the group to have a group requirement.
- Builder


Simply put down a number.
- The sign can only be used that many times.
Example numbers
- 4


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