Task Scheduling.

~ Task scheduling is incomplete, you can help by reporting bugs or missing features.


Task scheduling is a new addition to SignRanksPlus, and has close to little to do with Signs or Ranks. You should already be familiar with the scripting used in signranks, if not, please have a quick read of this:
Scripting Overview
Basically task scheduling allows you to have a command or script run some time in the future.


- To schedule a task use /schedule <your script here>
- Remember all scheduled tasks are run through console so make sure you pass it the right arguments.

Example commands

To schedule console to say something in 10 seconds:
- /schedule 10s \YOLO
To have console execute a save-all command in 1 hour:
- /schedule 1h do save-all


- signranks.schedule


- Tasks are automatically scheduled for temporary signs when you put e.g. "3 Days" on the last line.
- The schedule is measured in seconds since the epoch (1970) so it might be a bit hard to understand.
- The functional placeholder for the epoch is {epoch}
- It is physically possibly to schedule tasks using the config, however it is recommended to do it in game.


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