Sign Ranks Plus

Buy ranks, permissions, or inherit a group of permissions simply by right clicking a sign
Signs can require money, experience (exp and levels) + More (see below)
This plugin is database free, meaning there won't be any effect of having millions of these things.

This plugin requires Vault, you can get it by clicking here.



You can disable signs, as well as change the text in the config.yml

[perm signs]

- Signs are database free (Locations aren't stored) which means it won't impact performance
- Using signs costs Money ($) or Experience ( exp or lvl )
- Signs can also have a limited number of uses before they stop working
- custom uses for a sign (limited edition ranks)
- custom requirements for a sign (e.g. must be a donator)
- Optional Refundable signs
- Safeguards preventing things such as accidental demotions. or buying the same prefix/group twice.

[Promote]Promote a user for a configurable cost
[Perm]Add a single permission to a user for a cost
[Inherit]Add a bundle of permissions to a user
[Prefix]Add a prefix to a user
[Suffix]Add a suffix to a user

To add more requirements to a sign above, use a [Require] sign
For more info on cost or requirements, click HERE.

[other signs]

[xpBank]Allow a user to store EXP in a sign
[Shop]Allow users to sell items to each other using sign

- Programmable signs!

[Optional Salary System]

[how it works]

- Salary includes money, exp, and levels and is based off:
- Current balance %
- Current number of players online
- Fixed amount
- Configurable salary interval (1200 seconds = 1 MC day)
- Permission based salaries
- Configurable message when paid.

[trading experience]

- /xpp <amount> <player> - Transfer xp to a player in the current map


- A wide range of permissions
- A comprehensive config


- Overview
- Task scheduling
- Script placeholders
- Commands


Line1The type of sign goes here.[Promote]
Line2The item that is being bought goes hereBuilder
&f: &f
Line3A cost must go here$15
117 exp
3 lvl
Line4You can put any requirement here:
Click here for help on requirements.
10 exp
3 days

Below you can see a sign that will promote a player to Builder for 50 exp, and has 8 uses left
Example Sign


- You shouldn't have to worry about compatability as long as you have Vault.
- For the signs to use money, you need some sort of economy plugin such as Essentials.
- For the prefix sign, you need some plugin that supports formatted chat (e.g. Essentials).
- For the promote signs you need any standard permissions plugin.
- For the inherit signs, the permissions plugin must supports subgroups (e.g. GroupManager)

[Useful Links]

- [Commands]

- [Permissions]

- [Configuration]

- [GitHub]

[PEX help] (v0.7.1)

Some people have had trouble setting up multiworld inheritence with PEX.
- Click here for a tutorial on setting up multiworld inheritence.

If you would like to ignore multiworld inheritence, there is an option in the config.yml to disable it

- promote-users-globally (You will find it under the promote sign settings)

[Other Projects]

- AdvShop

- CompassModes

- WorldeditRegions

- VoxelSniperRegions

- InSigns+

- IndividualMessages

- IndividualHolograms

View detailed stats


- Global XP bank signs (with InSignsPlus)
- Add items as a cost alternative


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