Script Commands

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- /schedule - schedules a script
- /execute - executes a script
- /eval - evaluates a statement
- /all - executes a script for all players
- /player - executes as a specific player
- /if - compare a statement


- signranks.schedule
- signranks.execute
- signranks.all
- signranks.player

Task scheduling

- A tutorial can be found here


- This will execute a script (so all loops etc will work)
- Each line can be separated by a semicolon: ";"
e.g. if true; \It's true!
- Variables placeholders can be used by {VARNAME}
- local variables can be set with "var NAME VALUE"
e.g. "var test 5+6" - will make {test} be equal to 11
- For global variables use gvar instead of var


- This will evaluate a single line
e.g. /eval 1+6 - will return 7
- All placeholders are evaluated too
e.g. /eval {epoch} - {firstjoin} - Will tell you how long ago you first joined the server (s)


- The /all command allows you to execute a script for each player
e.g. /all do suicide - will have everyone commit suicide
- Placeholders are evaluated for that user
e.g. /all \My name is {player} - will have every user tell you their username.
- Remember you can refer to the sender with {sender}


- Will execute a script as a different player e.g. /player Notch \I am notch


- Your basic if statement


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