QuickSelect Tool

QuickSelect Tool


The QuickSelect tool is useful for quickly selecting regions to operate on when you don't want to have to look up their names and select them one by one. It can be set to be any tool (as a server-wide option) and only takes one click to use.


To set which tool will be used as the QuickSelect tool, simply open up the config.txt located in the MCTowns directory of your plugins folder.

Look for the part that looks like this:

#Default is wooden hoe (ID 290)
quickSelectTool = 290

Change the 290 in the second line to the material ID of whatever tool you want to use. The default is the wooden hoe, which is ID 290.


To use the QuickSelect tool, you must first set your active Town. Then, simply hold the tool in your hand and click on the block whose regions you wish to select. MCTowns will then set your active Territory, District, and Plot to the regions of those types that the clicked block belongs to.

Example: I have a house. My house is in the plot "myplot" which is in the district "mydistrict" which is in the Territory "myterritory" which is in the Town "mytown."

I want to select the plot that my house is in. Rather than set it manually, I'm going to use my handy-dandy quickselect tool. My server owner has set the quickselect tool to be a golden axe. So, I hold the axe in my hand and click any block in my house, be it the ground or wall or whatever, since they're all in the region I want to select. I then get a message similar to "Active regions set to: Territory: myterritory, District: mydistrict, Plot: myplot".

My active town is already set, since it's set by default to the town I am a member of. Now I can modify any regions that I have permission to.

Permission Nodes

The QuickSelect tool is permission-less and has no nodes attached to it. This is because the permission checks all belong to the commands that mutate the regions instead. Additionally, the /[regiontype] active [region name] commands have no permissions, so this is keeping in that design.


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