EasyRegions: Create Regions with Fences and a Sign



EasyRegions is a feature that allows you to create regions just by surrounding the area you want protected with fences, and then sticking a sign in the middle with some meta-data for the region. This is intended to be a much easier alternative to WorldEdit's wand/polygon selections when creating regions, as well as being a bit more 'organic' in the game of Minecraft as a whole.


EasyRegions needs no configuration and is enabled by default. It is not possible to disable this feature.


Basic Usage

To use the EasyRegions feature to make a region, simply:

  1. Set your active Town and Territory.
  2. Completely enclose the region you wish to have protected with fences.
  3. Place a sign in the center.
  4. Upon the sign, you need to provide relevant metadata about the region. The first line (the top one) should contain only the word "mkreg". It is case-sensitive, so make sure it's all lowercase. The second line (the second from the top) should contain only the name you want to give the region.
  5. Exit the sign-creation interface. The region will either then be made and you will be given a message stating so; or (if you did something wrong) it will give you an error message explaining what went wrong.

Fence Placement

Fences can be placed in virtually any arrangement you'd like, providing they obey the following rules:

From left to right in the picture below:

  1. The fence must have no gaps.
  2. A fence can touch AT MOST two other fences.
  3. A fence can touch AT MOST two other fences.

Example Fence Arrangements




Also easy.


More like "poly-owned"s.


Whatever floats your boat.


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