Permissions on a Region-By-Region Basis

Permissions- Who Can Break Which Blocks and Use Which Commands Where

If you're looking for the permission nodes for MCTowns, check here.

What Happens When Someone Is Added To A Territory, District or Plot

Essentially, you can think about permissions as a waterfall: Territories are at the top; Districts below them, and Plots are at the bottom. Just like water falls down the waterfall, so too does the ability to break blocks in MCTowns.

Let's start with an example:

Say Bob is a player who has been added to a district (/district add player Bob). Bob is able to break ANY BLOCK within the District itself, and also within ALL PLOTS WITHIN THE DISTRICT. So, he can break anything that is "further down the waterfall". However, he CANNOT break anything that's in the Territory that is not also inside his District (i.e. he can't "climb up" the waterfall).

However, if we then add Bob to the Territory above his District (/territory add player Bob), he is then able to modify anything "below" him in the waterfall. Any Districts within his Territory, and any Plots within those Districts are fair game for Bob to modify as he pleases.

Note, this only applies to breaking blocks. When it comes to the ability to use commands (add plots, remove plots, add districts, add other players to the district, etc) Bob is just like any other normal Resident (i.e. someone who is only in a plot).

Mayors and Assistants

Mayors and Assistants both have full access to commands that affect their town. In fact, mayors can't even try to change their active town (only admins can access /town active set). However, within their own towns, Mayors and Assistants are king. They can modify any block and use any command that is within their town's territories.

For the most part, Assistants can do anything and everything a Mayor can, except:

  • Assistants can't remove or appoint other Assistants.
  • Assistants can't select a new Mayor.
  • Assistants can't kick the Mayor out of his own town.


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