Installation & Basic Setup

Description: This page will guide you through downloading, installing, and configuring MCTowns. Preconditions: None! Postcondition: You will be ready to hop in-game and start making towns with MCTowns.

Note: I'll try to keep this system-independent, but whenever I refer to directories/files and other necessarily system-specific things, it'll be based on Linux and assuming you run your server jar in your home folder (/).


  1. Download the latest version of MCTowns from the file listing.
  2. Move it into your plugins folder (/plugins).
  3. If you haven't installed all the dependencies, please do so now.


  1. Bring your server to a clean stop.
  2. Start your server up and allow it to fully load all plugins. MCTowns may generate an error in the console saying that it will be unable to save. This is normal.
  3. Bring your server to another clean stop.
  4. Follow the steps in "Configuration" to set up permissions.
  5. Start your server again.
  6. You're ready!


  1. Make sure your server has been brought to a clean stop.
  2. With whatever permissions plugin/provider you use, assign all the nodes on this page to whomever you wish to have them.
  3. You're done! For more advanced config (to enable economy integration, for example) there's a config file in the data folder for MCTowns (/plugins/MCTowns/config.txt). However, a default config should have been generated, so you're good to go!

What next?

You'll probably want to know how to actually use MCTowns in-game. This is done with its CLI (command-line interface), just like how 99% of all other plugins are controlled. (If you're still confused as to what a CLI is, think "slash commands"). Click here for the next step of the tutorial.


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