Automatic Bug Reporting

Automatic Bug Reporting


Automatic bug reporting is a feature introduced in MCTowns v2.1.0. If an unhandled exception occurs (the kind of error that would normally print a stack trace to your logs), it will instead use TCP/IP to transfer a record of what happened over the network to a server where I can collect them.

I strongly suggest that you not modify these settings. Getting reliable bug reports is crucial to making MCTowns a better plugin. No private data is collected; you can view the information that will be collected below.

Report Contents

Each report contains:

  • Your IP address
  • CB version you're running
  • MCTowns version you're running
  • MCTowns config options
  • Error message
  • JRE Vendor
  • JRE version
  • OS name
  • OS version
  • OS architecture
  • call stack of the exception


There are two relevant config options:

bugReportHostname =
port = 9001

"bugReportHostname" and "port" are the hostname and port of the server that the reporting daemon will be running on. "" and "9001" are the defaults, and are where my server will be listening for reports. So, if you want your reports to get to me, leave them as-is and configure your firewall appropriately. If you want to disable automatic bug reporting, set the hostname to "none". Do not leave it blank.


it is not necessary to run your own bug reporting daemon. The defaults will report bugs to me automatically. If you're not sure how to use this feature or do not know if you need/want to use it, do not change the defaults, stop reading now, and go do something else.

To run your own bug reporting daemon (perhaps you have some sort of in-house dev team that handles issues like this?), simply execute the EverCoreUtils jar, like so:

$java -jar EverCoreUtils.jar

If you're in a UNIX-like environment, I would recommend running it in a GNU screen, like so:

$screen -S mctbrd java -jar EverCoreUtils.jar

Google "GNU screen" or type "man screen" for more information on how to use screen.

This starts the daemon in interactive mode. A help menu will be printed. Type "help" for more information.

If you're running your own daemon, remember to change MCTowns' config file to point at your server.


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