Concerning Plugin Support and Maintenance

I'm currently a sophomore in college as a CompSci undergrad. Writing Bukkit plugins is a hobby of mine.

I generally have enough free time that simply keeping the plugin working is no issue. However, when it comes to adding new features, I'm forced to set some priorities in order:

1. Homework/Schoolwork. If I'm swamped, have an exam that week, or anything else relating to school, new versions of MCTowns are going to come slower than usual.

2. Adding new features that will be used on ChiRho Entertainmen't server (the server I manage). This plugin was written primarily for use there, so, apologies, but my own community comes first.

3. That said, if you submit tickets for feature requests, as long as it isn't something I disagree with implementing (usually because it's out of the scope of the plugin*) I'll get around to implementing it within a release or two.

As a last note, I do accept any donations anyone can spare for me. As a token of my appreciation, if you donate to me, and happen to swing me a PM in which you identify yourself by the name that I see donated to me in PayPal, I'll push the feature of your choice to the top of my to-do list.

  • That was always one of my pet peeves about Towny, that it tried to do so much that I simply didn't need. I was particularly confused as to why they offered their own built-in look-alike of NoCheat. There's no point in putting that there. I wanted a plugin to manage towns. If I wanted a plugin to manage cheating, hell, I'd go and download NoCheat. Plus, why would you want to waste dev time on something outside of the scope of your plugin? Merh merh merh. /rant.


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