Installation & Configuration/Recipes

Recipes.yml - here you create your own recipes for the items in Guns+

    type: 'shaped'
    amount: 1
    ingredients: 20, 20, 0, 265, 265, 265, 5, SniperAmmo, 0
    type: 'shapeless'
    amount: 8
    ingredients: 289, 265
    type: 'furnace'
    amount: 1
    ingredients: 35

These are the nodes, the accepted value types and their function.

typestringsee the table below for a list of types and what they do
amountintegerthe amount of items in the output if crafted
ingredientsstringa comma separated list of item ids/names that represent the ingredients of the recipe; see below for info about this node

This is a list of available recipe types and their function

shapedthis adds a recipe that has a unique shape for crafting the item, means you have to put the items exactly in the right position and you have to put exactly 9 ingredients in (0 = nothing)
shapelessthis adds a shapeless recipe to the game that has up to 9 different ingredients; like for dyes it does not matter where this ingredients are put, they have just to be there
furnaceadds a furnace recipe for your item, only one ingredient is required for the furnace recipe: the material to be burned

NOTE: If you want to use furnace recipes with custom item ingredients you have to download FurnaceAPI and put it into your plugins dir AND you have to run CraftBukkit++


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