Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add new guns or ammo?

For the beginning just copy the default gun or ammo or recipe and past it under the original.
Now just modify the names and all the properties of these.
After some items it will get easier.

How to use my guns in other plugins like PvPArena or MobArena?

Set 'id-info-guns' and 'id-info-ammo' in the general.yml to true if they aren't.

Now start your server and copy the ids of the guns and ammo you want to use
from the server log.
Note that each plugin has it own separators between id and subid and amount.

How to update from an older version:

Backup the whole Guns+ folder. Delete the whole Guns+ folder. Start your server with the new version.
Open up the new generated config and edit the nodes as in your backup.
NOTE: Never just copy the old ones back! Sometimes some config-nodes has changed and if you copy the old content there will be bunches of
errors in the console!

How to use the tripod block?:

  • place a tripod block somewhere
  • shift+right click it with a gun in your hand that has the node 'mountable' set to true
  • the gun is now mounted and the tripod ready for use
  • normal right click now to open the tripod inventory to put ammo in
  • shift+right click now opens the Tripod Menu, here you can set the tripod to manual/automatic and add targets for the automatic mode.
  • click apply if you're done to save the data
  • now punch the tripod once and you will enter it if you have set it to manual otherwise it will start shooting at the targets you assigned in automatic mode
  • punch it again to exit/turn it off.
    NOTE: If you entered a tripod/the tripod is active, it can only fire if there is any ammo for the mounted gun in the tripod inventory.

I need to be OP to use Guns+ properly

This bug is usally cause by a anti-cheat plugin (such as NoCheat and NoCheat+), If you have any of these installed on your server make sure to remove all fight checking nodes. The following is an example in the case of NoCheat+:

 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.direction
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.noswing
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.reach
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.speed
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.godmode
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.instantheal
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.knockback
 - nocheatplus.checks.fight.critical

Version 1.1.1 Error

[SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling GunsPlus v1.1.1 (Is it up to date?)
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: me/znickq/furnaceapi/SpoutFurnaceRecipe

This error is a 1.1.1 error only, if you have the above error then you have two options to fix it.

  1. Download Furnace API
  2. Update to the Bleeding Edge 1.2-DEV.

Version 1.2.5 Error


This error occures since 1.2.5 if you are using outdated SpoutPlugin builds.
You have to use at least version #1197.
Otherwise use older versions of Guns+.