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Guns.yml - here you create your own guns

    damage: 8 
    melee-damage: 2
    head-shot-damage: 20
    range: 70
    reload-time: 60
    shot-delay: 40
    shots-between-reload: 6
    knockback: 40
    recoil: 0
    texture: ''
    zoom-texture: ''
        url: ''
        volume: 100
        url: ''
        volume: 75
    ammo: 'SniperAmmo, sulphur'
    zoom-factor: 8
        type: 'NONE'
        speed: 0
        random-factor: 3.0
        spread-angle: '3->0'
        missing-chance: '60->5'
    damage-change: -0.1
    critical: 10
    weight: 30
    hud-enabled: true
    additions: Silencer, ExtraScope
    mountable: false
    shootable: true
    fire-behavior: single
            type: particle
            - type: smoke
            - amount: 4
            - max-age: 60
            - gravity: 1
            - scale: 1
                type: flightpath
                - length: 20
            type: potion
            - id: 9
            - duration: 100
            - strength: 5
                type: targetentity

These are the nodes, the accepted value types and their function.

damageintegerthe damage the gun deals per hit(if it is not a headshot) in half hearts, means 4=2 hearts
meleeintegerthe damage the gun deals per hit(in actaul physical use) in half hearts, means 4=2 hearts
head-shot-damageintegerthe damage the gun deals per headshot, again in half hearts
rangeintegerthe range of the gun in blocks
reload-timeintegerthe time each reload takes in server ticks; 20 ticks = 1 second
shot-delayintegerthe time the gun is delayed after a shot in server ticks
shots-between-reloadintegerthe count of shots you can proceed after the gun will autoreload/you have to reload
knockbackfloata multiplier on how fast you will be knocked back each shot
recoilintegerthe value of vertical recoil in degrees; NOTE: this will not let you move or aim during shooting, since we use a teleport to perform this
texturestringthe texture url of this gun
zoom-texturestringthe url of the texture you want to show up if someone zoomes in with this gun
shot-sound.urlstringthe url where the shot sound of this gun is located
reload-sound.urlstringthe url where the reload sound of this gun is located
shot-sound.volumestringthe volume of the shot sound in percent
reload-sound.volumestringthe volume of the reload sound in percent
ammostringcomma separated list of ammo names this gun will be able to consume on shot, you can put vanilla item names too
zoom-factorintegerthe strength of the zoom
projectile.typestringthe type of the projectile in CAPITAL LETTERS; see below for accepted values
projectile.speedfloatthe speed factor of the projectile, means as it is a multiplier 1.0 is the normal speed
damage-changefloatthe amount the damage of the gun should change by one block distance to the target,e.g -1 means it decreases by one per block
criticalintegerthe chance of a critical hit (means instant kill) in percent
weightfloatthe weight of the gun in percent, 100 means you can't move anymore
additionsstringa comma separated list of the additions that can be added to this gun
accuracy.random-factorfloata certain randomness of spreading a bit around the guns
accuracy.missing-chanceintegerthe chance of missing the target in percent separated by the '->' pointer. The value before the pointer means the missing-chance if zoomed out, after the pointer means if zoomed in
accuracy.spread-angleintegerthe spread angle in degrees separated by the '->' pointer. The value before the pointer means the spread if zoomed out, after the pointer means if zoomed in
effects-see the the effects page to learn more about effects
hud-enabledtrue/falseset either the hud will show this gun and the ammo or not
mountabletrue/falseset either you can mount this gun on a tripod or not
shootabletrue/falseset either you can shoot with this gun in your hand or not;NOTE: this is useful to make mountable only guns
fire-behaviorstringthere are two settings right now: single (you have to press the fire key over and over again to fire), automatic (you can hold down the fire key)

This are the available projectile types:

  • EGG


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