(You can disable permissions by setting the option "use-permissions" in general.yml to false)

Command Nodes

  • gunsplus.command.reload - Allows use of the reload command (Default to OP)
  • gunsplus.command.list - Allows use of the list command (Default on)

Gun Nodes

  • - Give permission to fire all guns (Default off)
    •<name> - Give permission to fire gun with name (Spaces are replaced with "_")
  • gunsplus.zoom.all - Give permission to zoom all guns (Default off)
    • gunsplus.zoom.<name> - Give permission to zoom gun with name (Spaces are replaced with "_")
  • gunsplus.reload.all - Give permission to reload all guns (Default off)
    • gunsplus.reload.<name> - Give permission to reload gun with name (Spaces are replaced with "_")
NOTE: Crafting permissions are now included in API+

Misc. Nods

  • gunsplus.hud - Allows for use of HUD (Default on)