Installation & Configuration/Loadouts

Loadouts - Drop-In ZipFiles for Configuration.

In order to change a normal YAML file into a Loadout Compatible file is to add the following node:

Name: guns

Of course, you replace "guns" with whatever the name of the file is, so it would be ammo for the ammo.yml.

A Loadout is simply a Zip file of the config files (excluding general). Loadouts also utilize a new YAML file (see below).

Info.yml - It's like a name tag but COOLER!

The info.yml is a new YAML file only used in Loadouts, they are used for the Loadouts Information.

# Name of Loadout
loadout-name: Loadout
# Loadout Version
loadout-version: 1.0
# Name of Authors (seperated by a comma)
loadout-authors: Test
# Name of Plugin the Loadout is used in
loadout-plugin: GunsPlus
# Version of Plugin the Loadout uses
loadout-plugin-version: 1.0