Installation & Configuration/General

General.yml - everything in there will affect the whole plugin.

id-info-guns: true
id-info-ammo: true
id-info-additions: true

loaded-guns: true
loaded-ammo: true
loaded-additions: true

show-debug: false

show-warnings: true

send-notifications: true

auto-reload: true

use-permissions: true

tool-like-gun-holding: true

zoom: left_
fire: right
reload: R

transparent-materials: 0, 6, 83, 107, 68, 50, 18, 31, 8, 9, 10, 11, 101, 77, 113, 85, 75, 76, 90, 55, 30, 106, 111, 37, 38, 39, 40, 51, 59, 65

    enabled: true
    background: ''
        X: 20
        Y: 20
    enabled: true
    hardness: 2.0
    inventory-size: 18
    max-count-per-player: -1
    force-zoom: true
        amount: 1
        type: shaped
        ingredients: blaze_rod, 0, blaze_rod, 0, cobblestone, 0, blaze_rod, 0, blaze_rod

These are the nodes, the accepted value types and their function.

id-info-xtrue/falseif set to true it will print the id's of the specific items in the startup log
loaded-xtrue/falseif set to true it will print a list of all loaded items of this type
show-debugtrue/falseif set to true it will print error messages and stack traces in the log, to find bugs and errors
show-warningstrue/falseif set to true it will print warnings if a available config node is missing
auto-reloadtrue/falseif set to true every gun will automatically reload if the clip is empty
use-permissionstrue/falseif set to false the plugin will ignore pemissions
tool-like-gun-holdingtrue/falseif set to true guns look like tools look for other players (means you can better see if a player holds a gun)
zoomstringsets the key for zooming for every gun, see the table below for the available settings
firestringsets the key for fireing for every gun, see the table below for the available settings
reloadstringsets the key for reloading for every gun, see the table below for the available settings
transparent-materialscomma-separated material id'ssets the materials, guns can shoot through
hud.enabledtrue/falseif true players will get a HUD while holding a gun
hud.backgroundstringsets the url that should be used for the background texture of the HUD
hud.position.Xintegersets the X-coord for the HUD on the screen
hud.position.Yintegersets the Y-coord for the HUD on the screen
tripod.enabledtrue/falseenables/disables the tripod block and its features
tripod.texturestringthe texture url for the tripod block (you can set the color of the block throught that)
tripod.inventory-sizeintegerthe amount of slots of the tripod inventory; NOTE: the value has to be a multiple of 9
tripod.hardnessfloatthe hardness of the tripod block. examples: obsidian: 50, cobbles: 2, dirt: 0.5
tripod.max-count-per-playerintegerthe maximal count of tripod blocks per player
tripod.force-zoomtrue/falseset either to zoom in and dont allow to zoom out whilst entered the tripod, or not
tripod.recipe.amountintegerthe amount of tripods in the output of the crafting grid per craft
tripod.recipe.typestringthis can either be shaped or shapeless for more info see recipes.yml below
tripod.recipe.ingredientsstringa comma separated list of item ids/names; see recipes.yml for more info

A list of all abailable key settings and their triggers

rightif you right click
leftif you left click
middleif you press your mouse wheel
<any-key>if you press the given letter
<any-key/mouse button>_if you press the given character it will start doing the action, if you release it, it will stop (currently only for zooming)


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