WorldeditRegions: WorldEdit addon.

WorldEditRegions - Limit WorldEdit to regions.
Supports: [WorldGuard, Towny, Factions, GriefPrevention, Residence, PreciousStones, Regios]

Source code: GitHub


With this plugin installed, you are able to restrict or limit the use of WorldEdit to regions a user has permission for (e.g. WorldGuard region).

Works with cuboid and polygonal selections
Almost every worldedit command can be restricted
Supports block pasting, brushes, and block copying
Selections extending outside the region will be cut off
Adds optional user controlled WorldGuard region management

If you would like this plugin to hook into your plugin or a regioning tool, PM me.

Coming soon:

- Factions multi chunk masks
- Factions wilderness support
- WGCustomFlags "worldedit-region" flag (optional)
- improved global mask support


1 or more from the list below

Restrict VoxelSniper: VoxelSniperRegions


Grief Prevention
Precious Stones


- This plugin does not support overlapping regions
- Only cuboid regions will work.


wrg.notifyWill tell you if you have no WorldEdit Region
wrg.notify.greetingWill tell you if you enter a WorldEdit Region
wrg.notify.farewellWill tell you if you leave a WorldEdit Region
wrg.factionsAllows worldedit in land their faction owns
wrg.worldguardAllows worldedit in worldguard regions they own
wrg.worldguard.memberAllows worldedit in worldguard regions they are a member of
wrg.preciousstonesAllows worldedit in preciousstones land they own
wrg.preciousstones.memberAllows worldedit in preciousstones land they are a member of
wrg.residenceAllows worldedit in residenceland they own
wrg.residence.memberAllows worldedit in residenceland they are a member of
wrg.townyAllows worldedit in towny land they own
wrg.towny.memberAllows worldedit in towny land they are a member of
wrg.regiosAllows worldedit in regios land they own
wrg.regios.memberAllows worldedit in regios land they are a member of
wrg.griefpreventionAllows worldedit in griefprevention land they own
wrg.griefprevention.memberAllows worldedit in griefprevention land they are a member of
wrg.copy.bypassAllows you to copy anything outside your region
wrg.bypassAllows worldedit anywhere


In order to WorldEdit, you still need the WorldEdit permissions.
Here are some permissions from WorldEdit and WorldGuard


- worldedit.wand
- worldedit.history.undo
- worldedit.history.redo
- worldedit.selection.pos
- worldedit.selection.hpos
- worldedit.region.set
- worldedit.region.replace
- worldedit.region.walls
- Click here for full list


- worldguard.region.define - to create a region
- Click here for a full list


The following WE permissions are not not safely restricted by this plugin
- worldedit.reload
- worldedit.scripting.execute
- worldedit.snapshots.restore
- worldedit.delchunks


The following commands are optional, if you are not interested in them, simply ignore this part of the plugin.
They basically allow for self serve region creation, so players can protect their own land with WorldGuard, providing it does not overlap with any other region. You can also set a limit on how many regions a player can create.

/wrg create <player>Creates a region for a playerworldguard.region.define
/wrg createClaim some unclaimed landworldguard.region.define.own
/wrg trust <player>Add a player to your regionworldguard.region.addmember.own.*
/wrg share <player>Add a player as an ownerworldguard.region.addowner.own.*
/wrg untrust <player>remove a player from your regionworldguard.region.removemember.own.*
/wrg <flag> <value>Add a flag to your regionworldguard.region.flag.regions.own.<flag>
/wrg removeDelete your regionworldguard.region.remove.own.*


Have WorldEdit run on a separate thread
- AsyncWorldedit
- DO NOT USE SAFEEDIT (it breaks various plugins including this)
Help letting players claim land for themselves
- Use the command /wrg claim - PERM: worldguard.region.define.own
- Set in the config the max claim area (1024 = 32x32)
Help setting block edit limit
- Use the worldedit config "limits.max-blocks-changed"
Help using players inventory
- Use the worldedit config "use-inventory.enabled"
Help with configuring messages
- The next version will have strings in the english.yml file
Help with adding a cooldown to commands
- Maybe try out boosCooldowns
Help setting up multiple regions per player.
- In this plugin's config change "max-region-count-per-player"
Help adding EVERYONE to a region
- simply add the user "*" to the region
Help adding a cost for certain commands
- If you have essentials, you can add a command cost in the config.


- Want to reduce lag caused by WorldEdit: AsyncWorldedit
- Want custom flags, maybe try out WorldGuard Custom Flags
- Want command cooldowns: boosCooldowns
- Want to log and rollback worldedit: CoreProtect

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WorldEdit 5

If you still use WorldEdit 5, please use the file attached here.


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