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See also: items

This page is about the following part of the config, for the rest see tools and blacklist config.

  enabled: 'false'
  show-value: 'true'
  notify-mismatch: 'true'
    name: '1n'
    value: '4'
    stored-name: '2l'
    stored-value: 'e'

Note: By default, the materializer is disabled.

enabledWhether the materializer is enabled or not. There are quite a few things which have to be initialized and it takes some time, that's why this setting exists.
show-valueWhether to show the matter values on item stacks or not.
This requires ProtocolLib!
god-itemsA list of items which will, when dropped into the materializer, unlock all items.
Note 1: The matter value of a god item will be ignored if not all items are unlocked already.
Note 2: In-game there is no way to find out which items are god items, except testing every single item. So if you want your players to know the god items, it is your job to tell them.
notify-mismatchWhether to check for item matter values which don't match the sum of the values of their crafting or smelting ingredients.
This will require additional time on startup, but makes it easier for you to prevent item duplication.
The color codes to format the item info with.
For [X] and [Y], it will look like this: [X]Matter value:[reset] [Y][item's value].
Same as above, but for the "stored energy" info in the materializer.

Matter values

The matter values for items can be edited in a different file, transmutation.ini (will be create if the materializer is enabled).
For every item, there has to be one row, looking like this:


"value" can be any number (decimal or integer). Setting it to 0 or lower will disable the matter value for this item.

For all items without an entry here, matter values will be calculated from crafting and smelting recipes (if all ingredients have matter values).