UUIDs / 1.7.9

What you must know:

  • If your players report lost packs, run /v ad restore (player name here) or tell them run /v restore themselves.
  • If you really want to, you can disable UUIDs in VirtualPack 2.7.5 and higher. Set the config option "uuids.use" to false. ON YOUR OWN RISK!

Additional information (you don't have to read this if you don't want to):

  • I removed the releases 2.7.3 and 2.7.4 of VirtualPack from the files list because they made a real mess with UUIDs. Version 2.7.5 should be able to put everything right that those builds messed up, but most of your players will have to run /v restore.
  • Version 2.7.5 no longer automatically converts names to UUIDs, even if "use-uuids" is set to true. They are converted however when a user accesses anything in his pack. This is because looking up a UUID via the Minecraft API takes a few seconds (with a few thousand player that makes a few hours, with a slow internet connection a few days) and Bukkit does not return the true UUID of a player who is not online and not in the player cache. However, VirtualPack also recognised the true UUID of a player and is able to convert user names to these (see right below).

Forcing UUID conversion (recommended!)

If you want to force VirtualPack to convert all names to UUIDs, configure it as follows:

  use: 'true'
  force-convert: 'true'
load-multithreaded: 'true'
lazy-loading-hack: 'true'
max-threads: '1000'

The higher max-threads is, the faster it will go. But if it's too high, Java will crash. (Converting 80'000 packs with 4GB RAM and 1000 Threads took about 40 minutes for me.)
Once the packs are converted, you can switch back your settings to how they were before, and VirtualPack should load fast again.

If you want to see the converting progress, you can also set:

debug-load: 'true'

But be warned, this will spam your console.