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Blue: Implemented, Green: Next up, Red: Not yet started

  • Per Arena Loadouts (Added in V1.14)
  • Data value for disguises!
    • Fix data value issues! (Fixed in V1.18)
  • Mob Hunt (Hide as Mobs!) (Added in V1.20)
  • SolidBlocks (Added in V1.20)
  • ExpTimer (Added in V1.22)
  • Join signs (Added in ProphuntSigns/V1.30)
  • Add Herobrine (Added in V1.30)
  • Hitmarkers (Added in V1.30)
  • Hitsounds (Added in V1.30)
  • Configurable lives (Added in V1.30)
  • Bungee support (Added in V1.30)
  • More configurables (Always Added)
  • Add MOTD status(Added in V1.31)
  • Add Player Limit! (Usefull for TabAPI users)(Added in V1.31)
  • Multiple Language support(Added in V1.31)
  • Scoreboard (Added in V1.32)
  • Fix on autorespawn (Fixed in V1.32)
  • Join bypass permission (Added in V1.32)
  • Improve Solid block and prevent cheaters! (Fixed in V1.35)
  • Multi-world warps (Added in V1.36)
  • Blocks shop/Seeker shop (Added in V1.37)
  • Clean up code fit for Open-Source
  • Rewards for shops (Added in V1.37)
  • Language translation for scoreboard (Added in V1.37)
  • Item/Currency Reward
  • Bad guess' punishment
  • Better spectator mode
  • Multiple Games/Arenas
  • Sign Support for Multiple Arenas
  • Webserver stats
  • Libs disguises support

Any ideas? Comment at the main for new features that you want to be implemented!