Main config

Hiders and Seekers Effects

Make sure you check out the default config so you know what to expect!
Useful resources:

Effects Config

Lets start with Effects!!!! Effects can be added to each class for any amount of time with any potency. In the config section under the Classes section, you can see the Effects selection. All effects can be chosen from the link above for Potion effect ids, and are configured in the following way!

Effects: EffectID:Duration:Potency,EffectID2:Duration2:Potency2,....... ect

Effect Ids can be found in the link above and the duration is in server ticks, each server tick is worth 1/20th of a second! So if you want 2 minutes worth, 60 seconds * 2(minutes) * 20(ticks) = 2400! Supports an infinite amount of effects :)

Item config

Items are configured in the Inventory sections of each class. They use the same system as armour, although you can have multiple items in the inventory section. They are configured as such!

Inventory: ItemID:Amount,ItemID2:Damage2:Amount2,ItemID3 EnchantID3:EnchantPower3

These display 3 different types. The first is a simple item, ID:Amount, the second involves a damage value, used for different types of logs and stone, or colours of wool! The last type involves enchantments! As long as the enchant Id is real, you can have any enchant power on any item! You can also have as many different enchants on a single item as you want!

Note the space between the ITEMID and the EnchantID:Enchantpower is VERY important!

A note on multiple Enchants:

ItemID EnchantID:EnchantPower;EnchantID2:EnchantPower2;EnchantId3;EnchantPower3,......ect

Armour Config

Armour config is pretty much the same as with items, just remember its only one item!

Disguises config

Simple! Just put in the id of whatever block you are using:

  • 35
  • 23
  • 1

Mobs can be used, with the following: e:cow e:pig


You can refer this example here. It is pretty clearcut. Note, you must have all of those. You cannot only have some! BEWARE!

    usingDefault: false
      Inventory: 261 48:30;49:20,262:1,283 34:3,357:20
      Effects: 1:20000:1
      Helmet: 298 4:1
      Chestplate: 299 0:1
      Leggings: 300 1:2
      Boots: 301 2:4
      Inventory: 276 19:2,261 50:1,391:10,366:10,262:64
      Effects: 1:20000:1
      Helmet: 310 0:4
      Chestplate: 311 0:4
      Leggings: 312 1:4
      Boots: 313 2:1
    - 1
    - 48
    - 17
    - 5
    - 129
    - 15

I want to give the seekers no armour, items or effects, HELP!

For items you need to do the following: Inventory: "0:0"

For effects you need to give the following: Effects: "1:1:1"

For armour you need to give the following: Helmet: "0:1"

(You will need to do this for all your armour sections!)

Common problems

  • Using Java 7, anything with a ":" in it, can sometimes transform into random gibberish. Always enclose your string with quotation marks to protect this! eg:
Inventory: 276 20:1,46:2

You should use:

Inventory: "276 20:1,46:2"
  • Trying to give items with no amount value! Example:
Helmet: 314

This should be:

Helmet: "314:1""