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This FAQ act as a guide for those who are having problems. These questions are those that we frequently tackled. Do read this before commenting any problems. If any of the problems are already stated here, we will delete the comment which is considered SPAM. Should any errors still persist, go to the Support page for links where we can help you! :)

Seekers can't seem to attack hiders using swords and only bows

Make sure you have installed PROTOCOLLIB. Without protocollib, players will not be able to hit those who are disguised. Also check your DisguiseCraft settings for Disguise Pvp!

Prophunt doesn't seem to show up in my /plugins

Make sure you have installed the correct version of Disguisecraft and also protocollib as mentioned above.

Can I change the code of Prophunt?

No. When features start to slow down, I will be focusing more on getting the code ready to open source. Even when open sourced, any code that is changed must be PRed back into the project, it is against the License of the project to not do so without permission from Tomskied.

How do I use Join Signs?

Make sure you have read the documentation of Join signs Here

What is automatic and dedicated mode?

Automatic mode is basically a mode where Prophunt will host its arenas automatically. Get that pun! Dedicated mode is where once you join that server, you will automatically join an arena. You are not allowed to do /ph leave while using dedicated mode.

Will you add this feature?

It depends whether that feature is relevant or otherwise. We shall see... Make sure to check the todo list on the home page for planned features before posting!

Is it possible for me to setup multiple games at once or will it be added?

Not now. It may be added in the future I guess. Let us wait and see :)

Can you make a thing where the game stays hosted until you disable it?

Yes. Change your automatic:false to true in config. There you have it. Automatic hosting!

When i give people permission to join prophunt, they still cant join! What should i do?

Make sure you have the main permission prophunt.prophunt

Can you change the prefix [Prophunt] to others such as [HideNSeek]?

There are a couple of reasons why we will not change the prefix

  1. Prophunt exist before Hide N Seek even came out. Thus it is to our concern whether this plugin should be like theirs.
  2. Hide N Seek is based on this plugin not this plugin is based on Hide N Seek. So, Tom is so called an Original Creator.
  3. Prophunt is the correct name of this type of gamemode, and thus name for this plugin. If you have played TF2 or Garrys Mod, you should know that this gamemode is called Prophunt. If you have seen 1 TF2 server using this gamemode but called it Hide N Seek, tell me.

Can you add the blocks in the hotbar?

As said above, we tend to be original. You can know what blocks you are from 3 different ways. In chat, on the custom TAB and on the scoreboard.

When I upgrade Prophunt to V1.35, Protocollib seems broken?

Make sure to read the description of that download build. We have mentioned Dev Build of Protocollib. So, make sure you use it. Development Build and not Recommended Build!

My client crash when I change the config!

Check your config.yml and the disguises. Usually, if you do not encase your Meta Values Disguises, it will change to some weird numbers which is not a block id which will crash the client! Encase Meta Values Disguises with " ". For example blue wool id is 35:5. Encase this like "35:5" instead! :)