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What are addons? Addons are special features that are optional but is integrated in the plugin. It is so called your optional dependency. It is all optional and depends on your taste whether you would like it or otherwise.


This addon will require TabApi made by Double0Negative. Go download it and put it in your plugins folder to use this addon!
You also may want less than 60 players on your server! But you still want a 3 wide tab list? Have no fear! Using the "force-max-players" setting in the config under ServerSettings, to set the override on the players you want on your server. Set your amount to 60 or above, and you will still get your 3 wide tab! (Ops override this! So you can always get into a full server!)


A screenshot to show the scoreboard functionality

Bungee Support Signs

This addon will require ProphuntSigns made by Tomskied. Go download it and put it in your plugins folder to use this addon! Make sure to head over to the PropHuntSigns page to read the tutorial!

Prophunt Signs

A screenshot to show the signs functionality
Do note that ProphuntSigns will only work with Bungeecord servers!

MOTD /Max players Support

This addon will require nothing! Look at that! For the first time, it is built in the Prophunt.jar. However, it is only available for V3.1 of prophunt!

Server SettingsDescription
force-motd-prophunt:This is where you set whether you would like Prophunt to change the MOTD of the server!
force-max-players:Overrides the properties.yml of bukkit
force-max-player-size:The value for the max number of players

To continue having TabApi scoreboard, change the max players for properties.yml above 60 and then change force-max-player-size in the config to the max amount of players you would like!

Magic Signs

This isn't really an Addon but a neat feature to use Join signs if you wouldn't want to use ProphuntSigns. The plugin can be downloaded Here!

Magic Signs

  1. Create a sign
    /ph join
  2. Now, do /ms edit auto
  3. Create another sign infront of that sign
  4. Edit the Join sign to your liking
  5. Finally, add this permission: - magicsigns.command.use