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  1. Get the right versions of DisguiseCraft and ProtocolLib!! When you download PropHunt you will be sent to the download page where the Versions of DisguiseCraft and ProtocolLib are stated! Use these versions!!!!
    1. Get builds of DisguiseCraft here
    2. Get builds of ProtocolLib here
  2. Pop the PropHunt.jar in your plugins folder along with DisguiseCraft.jar and Protocollib.jar and let it generate the config files, from there you can edit them to your pleasing. Muahahah. Prophunt server is yours :)
  3. Check out the Configuration TAB if you would like to learn how to edit your config.yml

Arena Setup

  1. Go to the world where your arena is. (For arenas made by the community, it is at the Forums
  2. Type in /ph setup <arena name> (Make sure your inventory is empty)
  3. You will be given 5 wools
    1. They are all named! Hover over each wool to see which spawn point each wool represents
      1. Note on wool colours: Orange = Hider Spawn, Magenta = Seeker Spawn, Light Blue = Lobby spawn, Yellow = Spectator spawn, Lime green = Exit spawn
    2. Punch with each wool in hand at the spawn point that you desire!
    3. Exit Spawn is where you end up after the game is finished
    4. Once all the wool have been placed down, it will say Arena has been set
  4. Change your config to your suitable taste or type /ph host <arenaName> to start the arena and test it out!

Shop Setup

  1. First of all, this will need MySQL to begin with. If you do not have MySQL, just use Vault with a working Economy plugin. It will do the rest for you! If you do not have any MySQL and want to use it, you can use WampServer.
    1. If you do not know how to set up using WampServer, you can find a tutorial here!
  2. Now, open up the config.yml and you should see this:
  # Do you want to use the shop?
  use-shop: false
  # Currency name if you are using the PropHunt currency
  currency-name: "Cookies"
  # Use vault instead of the prophunt currency
  use-vault-for-currency: false
# Database settings for default PropHunt currency
    type: mysql
    # Host of your database
    host: localhost
    # Port of your database
    port: 3306
    # Database name, will create a new one if it doesn't exist
    database: minecraft
    # Database username
    username: root
    # Database password
    password: minecraft
  1. Change this to your own liking. Note: If you are using vault, you can turn on "use-vault-for-currency: ".
    1. If you are using WampServer, you would only need to change "use-shop: true", "database: " and "password: "
  2. Restart your server and you are done!


  • You can view old tutorial videos here!
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We need a Youtuber to make a new Tutorial for this plugin! Especially the new Shop Part. We seek your understanding!