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Hmmm... It seems you need support eh? Do not worry, Tomskied is here. Here we will provide you with links that can further strengthen our communication. So, what are the options for you to get support? Let me tell you...

The first support will be the Ticket system. Use the tickets attached with your errors. (I suggest using

  • You can find the Ticket system here: Tickets
Second support will be the #PropHunt irc. Here, you will find Tomskied or SeaBoiii or KnethreaJK hanging out in the chat!
  • You can find the chat link here: Devs Chat or
  • Join #PropHunt if you are already on
Need even more support? Our last and final option. We can't really say much can we? Enjoy, we will always try to help!

Tomski is Elmo