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SimpleSpleef 2.0.0 or higher only!

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Freestyle Games: Simplest Spleefing

SimpleSpleef is playable from the beginning. You do not need any arenas defined, if you are into freestyle playing. In freestyle, there is no arena, no spawns, no defined blocks, no teleports, just the game.

Players wanting to start a game, just type /spl join. When everybody is ready, any spleefer can start the game by typing /spl start. A countdown will start... When it has ended, any player touching water or lava will lose. The last player will win a prize.

Setting up an Arena

While freestyle gaming is nice, most worlds will boast one or more fancy arenas for spleefing. SimpleSpleef can define these arenas and define a score of options so that your players and you can pretty much set up any type of arena one can think of (well, almost).

Setting up an arena is relatively easy if you follow the steps below.

Spleef arenas are generally defined as cubes containing a spectator's area (e.g. like in a stadium), a game floor that can be dug away (grass, dirt, wool, whatever) so players will drop into water/lava or some other space below (losing area). A very simple arena is shown in the following picture.

Typical Sleef arena

Arena sections

In SimpleSpleef terms, an arena has the following sections:

  • Arena itself (including spectators' area, the lobby, etc.)
  • Floor of the spleefing area
  • Losing area

SimpleSpleef does not require you to set up all of these, but for a proper arena, it makes sense if you define all of these areas. All areas are defines as cubes (three-dimensional cuboids in the game world). The easiest way to define these, is to use WorldEdit's super axe.

Defining the arena using WorldEdit

First, select the complete arena cube with the axe.

Select first point of arena using WorldEdit Select second point of arena using WorldEdit

You can now define the arena by typing /spla arena. A green line should appear:

Defining the arena

Arena without WorldEdit

If you do not use WorldEdit, you have to stand on a block and type /spla arena a. Then move to the block on the opposite side and type /spla arena b to define the second point. Note: The blocks defined will be the ones below your player, the block you are standing on. Using this method might mean some digging...

Arena Protection

If everything went ok, your arena should automatically be protected by SimpleSpleef. Try to place blocks or dig away some to see SimpleSpleef complaining about this:

Digging and placing is not allowed in this arena.

If at any time you want to change your arena, you can disable it by typing /spla disable default. To start protection again, type /spla enable default.

Defining Floor and Lose Region

Using the method described above, you can now define the arena floor and lose regions. The commands used are:

  • Floor: /spla floor or /spla floor a/b
  • Floor: /spla lose or /spla lose a/b

Defining the floor Defining the lose cube

The floor is quite essential for protected arenas, because this will define the area that players can dig in during the game. The lose region is less important. If you place water or lava below the game floor, players will automatically lose when they touch it. Naturally, you can still define the lose region above the water (like the screenshot in the example). It will also work!

Important note: If your floor is anything other than DIRT or GRASS, please change the "allowDigBlocks" in you arena's config. Otherwise you will not be able to dig during the game!

Also note: SimpleSpleef does not check if floor and lose cube are within the arena. If you want your games to work properly, you should make sure they are. After the game, only blocks within the arena are rebuilt/reset!

Spawn points for spleefing

Like areas/cubes, you can define a number of spawn (teleport) points in your arena:

  • lounge: Players joining are teleported to this point.
  • game: Joined spleefers will be teleported to this point at game start (should be in the arena).
  • lose: Players losing are teleported to this point.
  • spectator: Players typing /spl watch will be teleported to this location.

Setting up these points is straightforward: Walk up the point you want to define. Look into the direction you want players to look at after being teleported. Then type /spla spawn [name] where [name] is lounge, game, lose or spectator. You should get the following success message:

Defining a spawn point

Note: Like cubes, SimpleSpleef does not check if spawns are within the arena. Consequently, make sure your arena makes sense ;-)

Setting up multiple arenas

You can create more than one arena by typing /spla addarena [name]. Admin commands always work on the currently selected arena. Type /spla for a complete list and hints about this.

Setting up all kinds of specials

Look at the How to... for some ideas and common questions regarding setting up arenas. A complete reference of settings can be found in: Configuration.

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