Playing SimpleSpleef

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Now that you have defined your arena, let's play!

Type /spl join to join a game. You will see, that you are automatically teleported into the players' lounge.

Joining a game

You can now have other players join the game.

If you have enough players, start the game by typing /spl start. The countdown will start and the players are teleported into the game area.

Starting the game

After the countdown has finished (10 seconds is the default - change it in the config file...) the game starts. You can dig away blocks instantly by left clicking on them. Note that only dirt and grass is allowed in standard games (again, you can change this in the config).

Digging away the dirt

Try to stay in the game area - if you fall you will be teleported to the lose spawn (if it has been defined).

Oh no, I lost!

Winners will receive prizes and money.

This is the basic game - SimpleSpleef allows you to do much, much more! You can define blocks that can be dug away, disallow block types that can be dug away, define lose materials (players will lose a game by just touching glowstone, for example...). You can also disallow instant digging and give players a shovel, if you like. See the Configuration page for more details.

Simple Spleef in action:

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<<SimpleSpleef Tutorial