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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.



  • Players can see the list of options by typing /spleef or /spl.
  • Administration with /spl admin or /spla.
  • Define multiple spleef arenas or play freestyle (touching water/lava => lose).
  • Arenas can be protected (digging/placing blocks), rebuild automatically (different types of restorers, see config!), and define a variety of spawns/cubes for losing, spectators, lounge, etc. You can optionally use the wand tool of WorldEdit (you need version 5.0 or higher!) to define arena cubes (or polygons - circular floors are possible using this!).
  • Optionally, use WorldGuard regions to define arenas, floors and lose regions. You do not have to create cuboid WorldGuard regions for this, you can also create polygonal arenas!
  • Players and spectators can teleport to the arena automatically.
  • Anti-cheat Define command whitelist of allowed commands for spleefers.
  • Team games - arenas can be built and played (teams have their own game spawn) in team games. You can hit red or blue wool in the lobby to join a team. Teams are evened out automatically.
  • Define minimum and maximum players for each arena. Also define how many players still have to be in the game to win.
  • Option to ready all players before the game: Touch an iron block (or something else) or sign to tell you are ready for the game. Team games support readying by hitting a red or blue wool block. You can also set a ready timeout.
  • Item, money and/or experience prizes for winners. Vault support (this is optional), so connect to any economy supported by Vault. Games can also cost a fee to join. The fee can be transfered to another account (e.g. the government or arena "owner").
  • Instant block digging or using shovels.
  • Turn off PVP and hunger during games.
  • Players' inventory can be emptied at game start and restored at the end of the game. At game start, spleefers might also receive items (like weapons or blocks to be placed during the game).
  • Define blocks that can be dug or that cannot be dug away.
  • Block degeneration and repair - arena floor can start desintegrating after a while and/or get repaired. There is also an option that spleefers may not be allowed to stand on one block for too long (preventing spleefers to island themselves on a single block).
  • Multiple lose conditions: entering a certain area, touching a block or entering a water/lava, whatever.
  • Define win blocks or arenas that have be touched/reached to win the game (this makes it possible to create quite unique forms of play)
  • Define what announcements are public and which ones can only be received by players/spectators.
  • Teleport back to original position after the game using /spl back.
  • Referee only option with /spleef announce - only an admin can initialize games.
  • Localize: English, Polish and German supported currently (you can add your own at any time).
  • Permissions support, supports Bukkit's new permission system (so works with PermissionBukkit, PermissionEX, etc.).
  • Spleef command signs - put up signs that can be hit by players. No more complicated typing - just hit the sign! You can define separate permissions for signs (e.g. disallow /spl join, but put up a sign with this command for everyone).
  • Arena timeouts - limit the time per game.
  • Statistics - top 10 lists, individual stats, etc. Can be hooked to other statistic plugins (BeardStats, right now).

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