Installation and Upgrade

SimpleSpleef 2.0.0 or higher only!

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Installing Simple Spleef

Other plugins

  • Vault - Economy plugin. If Vault is installed, SimpleSpleef is able to require entry fees for games and pay prizes to winners.
  • WorldEdit - Admin plugin. If WorldEdit is installed SimpleSpleef will be able to use the super axe item to define arenas.


Download the SimpleSpleef.jar and put it into your plugins-Folder. The configuration and language files will be created automatically.

Update from older versions

From 1.8.3 or lower: SimpleSpleef 2.0.0 is a complete rewrite of the older versions and does not use the old config and language files. You can delete or change the old config files. All settings of the old plugin are lost, naturally. Sorry, but this was the price for the upgrade ;-)

2.0.0 and above: The new version of SimpleSpleef will automatically add settings to the config file or delete oblivious ones. So upgrading should be more or less automagical.

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