Command Reference


Player commands

Base command: /spleef or /spl

  • /spl help Display help
  • /spl announce [arena] Announce a new game (in arena)
  • /spl join [arena] Join a dog-eats-dog game (in arena)
  • /spl arenas List available arenas
  • /spl info [arena] Show information (on arena)
  • /spl list [arena] List spleefers (in arena)
  • /spl team red/blue Join a team (joined spleefers only)
  • /spl ready Ready for gaming (spleefers only)
  • /spl start Start game (spleefers only)
  • /spl countdown [arena] Start count down (of arena)
  • /spl leave Leave a game
  • /spl stop Stop a game
  • /spl delete Delete a game
  • /spl reset arena Reset a game in arena (delete for admins/moderators)
  • /spl watch [arena] Watch a game (in arena)
  • /spl me Show my spleef statistics
  • /spl player player Show statistics of player
  • /spl topten [arena] Show global top 10 or of a specific arena
  • /spl back Teleport back to original position (restore to creative mode, if player was in creative before)

Admin commands

Base command: /spleef admin or /spla

  • /spla help Display admin help.
  • /spla selected Print current arena and list arenas.
  • /spla setarena arena Set current arena.
  • /spla addarena arena Create new arena.
  • /spla delarena arena Delete arena.
  • /spla arena a/b Define point a/b of arena cube.
  • /spla floor a/b Define point a/b of the floor cube.
  • /spla lose a/b Define point a/b of lose cube.
  • /spla spawn lounge/game/spectator/lose/winner/red/blue Set spawn point.
  • /spla enable/disable arena Enable/disable arena.
  • /spla reload reload configuration.
  • /spla savearena arena Save an arena to disk.
  • /spla restorearena arena Restore an arena from disk.