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How-To Basic and Beyond

This video is two parts, 16 minutes in total, it is quite lengthy yet jammed pack with information. Because of the inconvenience of its length I have taken the time to make a list of scenes giving information of what is where, however it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO to gain a sense of knowledge of the plugin!

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Part 1

Creating An Arena: 0:00 - 1:15

Setting Spawn Points: 1:15 - 2:30

Testing: 2:30 - 3:08

Basic Configuring: 3:08 - 4:55

Your Arena(s): 4:55 - 5:05

Area Configuration: 5:05 - 10:02 (Includes Admin-Announce only, Ready Blocks, Etc)

Part 2

Setting A Floor: 0:00 - 0:50

Command Signs/Demonstrating Announce Only: 0:50 - 2:00

Demonstrating Everything: 2:00 - 5:55

Installing My Arena (Optional): 5:55 - 6:30

Getting My Arena (Via Schematic [Requires World Edit]!)

[b]My Arena (Schematic/Picture)[/b]

Click Here for pictures (Imgur Gallery)!

Click Here to download the schematic (Drop Box)!

Polish Tutorial

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"Normal" Arenas

  • Normal arena with water/lava, one layer, etc.

See SimpleSpleef Tutorial.

"Team" Arenas

  • You create an arena like a normal arena above.
  • Set red and blue spawns for the teams.
  • In the config.yml, find "type" line of the arena (default is "type: standard"). Change standard to randomteams (teams or team also works). The line should read "type: randomteams".

Multi-layered Arenas

You can set up arenas with multiple layers just like single layered ones (even ones with air in between). You simply have to define a thicker floor cube...

No-Jumping Spleef

Add a low ceiling to your spleef arena. That is the easiest way to do it :-)

Maze Spleef

It should be possible to create such arenas by defining blocks that can be dug away and those that can't. Floor has to be big enough to contain all diggable blocks during the game.

Look at the allowDigBlocks list in the config for ideas...

Repair Spleef

Define an arena floor and set arenaFloorRepairsAfter to a value higher or equal to 0. With arenaFloorRepairTick you can define, how many seconds pass until one block is repaired.

Using the "Ready" Option

The "ready" option is disabled by default. You have to turn it on! Set useReady to on for your arena. The game will start automatically, when everyone is ready (use the /spl list and /spl info commands to see who is not ready yet).

If you do not want to start the game automatically once everybody is ready, set readyAutoStart to false.

Only-Admin-may-Announce Option for Spleef

If you want only admins to be able to announce new spleef games, do the following:

  • Set option announceOnJoin to false.
  • Set permission simplespleef.announce to false for "normal" players.
  • You might also want set the config option spleeferStart to false, if only admins shall be able to start a game.

Technical FAQs

Why can't I dig my Block X during the game in an arena

Most likely, the material is not in the "allowDigBlocks" section. To add glass to the diggable elements, add a line "- GLASS" to allowDigBlocks.

Materials, Block Names and Ids in SimpleSpleef

Materials can generally be referenced by name (see Bukkit material names) or numeric id. The full syntax is:


MATERIAL is mandatory and either a name or number. The others are optional. Important note: If you use numbers for IDs and data values, make sure that you use an amount, otherwise SimpleSpleef will get confused about amount/material and material/datanumber.

Also, if you use single item ids (like 42 for iron block, make sure to suround them with ' - e.g. '42'. If you forget to do this, Bukkit will interpret the value as integer and bug SimpleSpleef...

Valid examples:

  • '35' = all types of wool
  • 1:35 = all types of wool
  • 1:35:0 = white wool only
  • WOOL:14 = red wool
  • 35:14 = 35 blocks of iron ore (!!!)

Invalid types:

  • RED_WOOL (use WOOL:14 instead)
  • 35 (surround with ' instead => '35')

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