Item Handling

Chests and Items

Spawning and collecting minecarts from chests

Chests may be used to spawn and collect minecarts instead of the normal [Spawn] action.

To spawn a minecart from a chest:

  • Place a chest adjacent to a rail.
  • Place 1 or more minecart items into the chest
  • To specify that only a certain type of minecart should be spawned from the chest place a sign nearby with [type:TYPE] on any line. TYPE can be 'normal', 'storage', 'powered' ,' 'hopper', or 'tnt'
  • Hook up a redstone circuit to the chest.
  • When the chest is powered with redstone, a minecart will spawn on the rail if the chest contains one.
    • If there is more than 1 rail next to the chest, place a sign nearby with [Chest DIR] on any line, where DIR is North, South, East, or West. The cart will spawn in that direction.
    • Use a [launch] block or sign to set the minecart in motion.

To collect minecarts into a chest:

  • Place a chest at the end of a rail so a minecart collides with it. The minecart will be placed into the chest.
    • You can prevent this behavior by placing a sign near the chest with [No collection] on any line.
  • You can also place a chest alongside the track and a sign nearby with [Parallel] on any line. This chest will collect passing minecarts.

Transferring Items

The handling of items - transportation via minecart, collection in chests, etc. - is an integral and powerful part of Minecart Mania. It is accomplished with only a few signs and is especially useful if used in conjunction with Farming to store the goods.

MinecartMania uses its own names for each type of item. See the Items.txt file in the MinecartMania directory for the proper names or IDs for items

Items can be handled in one of several ways with a sign placed near the track. The first line of the sign specifies the action, and the remaining lines specify the items or conditions. Some signs require a certain block to also be placed nearby. See the following tables for actions and item conditions.

First linedescriptionrequired nearby block.
[Collect Item]Transfers items from a storage minecart to a chestChest, Double Chest
[Deposit Item]Transfers items from a chest or Furnace output to a passing storage minecartChest, Double Chest, Furnace
[Trash Item]Removes items from a passing storage minecartNone

The following rules are written on the remaining 3 lines of the sign to specify which items take part in the above action.

Specifying Items

  • Specify a single item by ID or friendly name, see items.txt.
  • Multiple items can be placed on one line with a : between them. example: wool : dirt
  • Groups of items can be specified using the Item Aliases from the configuration
  • To specify that all items should be processed put "all items" on a line.
  • To exclude items (if "all items" or an alias is used) prefix the item with ! example: !wool
  • To specify the data value for an item write the name or ID a ; and then the data value. example: wool;3
  • To specify that precessing should only occur when the minecart is moving in a specific direction, start the line with +D, where D is n, s, e, or w. example: +n wool
  • To specify a range of item ids, use min-max. example: 112-114
  • To specify that only a certain amount of an item should be removed each pass. Place @X after the item/data, where X is the amount. example: wool@12

Using Furnaces

Storage minecarts can be used to place fuel and materials into a furnace for smelting. To use, place a sign and a Furnace near the track and one of the following on any line of the sign. One sign can be used for multiple commands.

Use a [Deposit Item] sign nearby to collect the smelted items back into a minecart.

First linedescriptionrequired nearby block.
[Smelt:XXX]Transfers the item ID or name specified by XXX to the furnace smelting slotFurnace
[Fuel:XXX]Transfers the item ID or name specified by XXX to the furnace fuel slot.Furnace

Example: The example below would be great to use on the same rail as a tree farm. The minecart will place logs into the furnace as both fuel and material, and will have the resulting charcoal deposited in it.

Sign 1:

  • [deposit items]
  • all items

Sign 2:

  • [fuel:log]
  • [smelt:log]

A chest further down the line could be used to collect the charcoal. e.g.

  • [Collect item]
  • charcoal

Furnace example

Using Workbenches

A Crafting table can be used to automatically craft items inside a storage minecart. Currently this functionality is limited to compressing ingots into blocks (iron, gold, lapis, emerald)

To use a crafting table to compress ingots:

  • Place a sign near the track with [Compress Items] on any line.
  • Place a Crafting Table next to the sign in any direction.
  • Storage minecarts encountering the sign will have any ingots compressed into the respective block.