I want to thank everyone who contributed to MinecartMania Reborn! Without help this would not be possible! If you helped and I missed you please drop me a PM, I tend to be forgetful ;)

AfforessAfforess is not really a contributer but the father of MinecartMania. He created the plugin and developed its many uses. Sadly he abandoned it to move towards other projects (i.e. Spout). Luckily his code is available under CC3 license so I could create this project. Thanks to Afforess for his work in MM!
EtsijaEtsija helped greatly with patches for the directionality issues after Minecraft changed where North is in the game. He also provided great input for identifying bugs and smaller issues!
FavorlockFavorlock provided sign pictures for the farming documentation. Thanks!
Léa GrisLéa contributed a fix for durability issues with double chests (saplings, coal, etc.)! Thank you for finding and fixing this! Also thanks for the detailed description about lag issues.
mze9412mze9412 created MCM Reborn, maintained the plugin for most of 2012, and made additions in farming and other areas.
jrbuddajrbudda took over the plugin in 2013, creating MCM 2.0, a re-write of the original MCMr


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