Control Blocks

This documentation is for MCM 2.0

Blocks and Signs

In MCM 2.0 blocks and signs can be used almost interchangeably to control a minecart as it travels down the rail. The things that blocks and signs can do are called Actions. An Action is defined by text on one or more lines of a sign. That same sign (or multiple signs) can be mapped to a type of block in the configuration.

The difference between using signs and blocks are:

  • Blocks are executed when the minecart travels directly over them, signs are executed when the minecart passes by them (The sign can be up to 2 blocks in any direction from the block below the track)
    • Nearby actions are also executed at the following events:
      • A minecart is spawned via a [spawn] action or chest (not by player placement)
      • A Player (or other entity) enters a minecart.
      • A block mapped with (TRIGGERON) or (TRIGGEROFF) receives the specified redstone signal.
  • There are no permissions to prevent players from placing control blocks, only signs.
  • Multiple actions can be mapped to a block or to a sign, but which actions run can be specified by redstone state only on a block. (see config.yml)

Here is a list of available Actions, their syntax, and the default mapped block/value, if any.

Note that sign syntax is not case sensitive, and that some Actions are intended to be used only on signs or only on blocks, as noted in the description.

Actions for All Minecart Types

ActionSign SyntaxDescriptionDefault Block(s)
Set Speed[Set Speed:000x] or [Set Speed:000]Set the speed of the minecart either as a multiplier of its current speed or as a percentage of the normal max speed of regular minecarts.Gold Block: 1.5x,
Powered Rail 16x (ON) .5x (OFF)
Wool -1x
Max Speed[Max Speed:000]Sets the maximum speed the minecart can achieve through multipliers, as a percent of normal max speed of a minecartNone.
Launch[launch] or [launch direction] or [previous dir]launches a stopped minecart in the specified direction (north, etc) or the first valid direction if not specified. If [previous dir] is used the minecart's speed and direction are unchanged (if there is no valid rail in the minecarts direction it will perform a normal launch]Diamond Block(ON)
Obsidian(prev dir) (Triggered)
Launch Player[launch player]Launches a minecart containing a player, or when a player enters it.None
Launch Reverse[launch2] or [launch2 player] or [previous dir2]Similar to the launch commands above, but searches for valid directions the opposite way around.Emerald Block
Spawn[spawn] or [spawn:TYPE]spawns a minecart, typically used only as block, triggered by redstone. If just [spawn] is used a nearby sign can specify the type with [type:TYPE]. TYPE can be 'storage' 'powered' 'hopper' or 'tnt'Diamond Block, Emerald Block
[hold for 00]
Stops the minecart instantly and saves its speed. Release a caught minecart with a Launch action. The [hold for 00] on the second line is optional but if specified will launch the cart after the specified number of seconds.Obsidian
Kill[kill]Destroy a minecartDiamond Ore
Jump[jump] or [jump:00]makes the minecart jump in the air, if not set to magnetic. 00 is the number of blocks it will jump. if not specified it will jump the server default.Sponge
Magnet[magnet:on] or [magnet:off]Sets the minecart to be magnetic or not. Magnetic carts cannot jump or leave the track verticallyNone
Platform[platform] or [platform:00]Searches around the minecart and sucks in any players or mobs. The range can be specified or it will use the server defaultLime wool
Lock Cart{Lock Cart]Prevents players from right-clicking the minecart to enter or exit it. The cart will remain locked until it comes to a complete stop or an [Unlock Cart] action is encountered.
Unlock Cart{Unlock Cart]Disables the lock from a [Lock Cart] action.
Elevator[elevator] or [lift up] or [lift down]Teleports the minecart straight up or down to the next sign or block with the elevator action. using 'lift up' or 'lift down' will only travel in that directionRed Wool
Eject At[Eject At]
Sets the minecart so that its passenger will be ejected to the specified location, yaw and pitch are optionalNone
Eject Here[Eject here]Sets the minecart so that its passenger will be ejected near the sign/blockLapis ore block
Eject[Eject]Removes any passenger from the minecart. The minecart will search in an 8 block radius for a [eject at] or [eject here] Action and use those instructions to place the passenger. If none are found, a previously encountered [eject at] or [eject here] action will be used. If still no instructions are found, the passenger will be teleported near the [eject] block (which might be on the track!)Iron block
Set Station[Set Station:XXX]
Sets the minecart destination to all the text on all lines following the : on the first line. (The X's)None
Sends the text specified by the X's to the player. You can also use [Announce:dir] on the first line to specify the requires direction of motion for the announcement to be sent (where dir can be north south east or west). Using ! as the first character on the text lines will send that line as a new message.
Station[station]Searches around the minecart for Station Rule signs and executes them. See stationsBrick
Stop at Destination[station stop]
Station Name
Stops the minecart If it has a passenger with a destination set to Station Name Also announces to the passenger that the destination has been reached.None
Prompt[prompt]If used near or under an intersection the rider will be prompted for a direction, regardless of the normal intersection prompting server settingNether Brick

Actions for Storage Minecarts

These actions are only executed by Storage minecarts. Item conditions are described on the item-handling page.

ActionSign SyntaxDescriptionDefault Block(s)
Collect[Collect Item]
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
Transfers Items from the minecart to a nearby chestNone
Deposit[Deposit Item]
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
Transfer Items from a nearby chest or furnace to the minecartNone
Trash[Trash Item]
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
(Item Conditions)
Destroys Items in the minecart.None
Smelt/Fuel[Smelt:XXX] or [Fuell:XXX]Transfers the item specified by XXX to either the fuel or smelting slot of a nearby FurnaceNone
Compress[Compress Items]Compresses ingots in the minecart into blocks of the same type.None
Item Range[Item Range:X]Sets the minecart to collect items X blocks around itself as it travels.None
Y Item Range[Item RangeY:X]Sets the minecart to collect items X blocks above and below itself.None
Sets the minecart to automatically farm the specified resource at a radius around the track. See farmingNone
Farm Range[Farm Range:X]Sets the minecart to farm X blocks around itself as it travels.None
Y Farm Range[Farm RangeY:X]Sets the minecart to farm X blocks above and below itself. (Should be at least 1 for all soil-farming)None